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Delta-8 hemp and Delta-8 gummies have been making the news for a while. These new products are part of a growing trend toward Delta-8 cannabis, hemp products that can help people avoid pot addiction. If you've been wondering what Delta-8 is all about, you may be surprised to find out that it's actually an edible oil that's been around for many years (according to https://area52.com/delta-8-gummies/). It's also considered one of the more gentle natural pain relievers. Here's why Delta-8 CBD gummy bears may be just what you're looking for: Delta-8 provides natural Delta-8 hydroxy acid. This acid has been used in alternative medicine for years and is often referred to as "CBD". The reason this acid is used is because it helps alleviate the pain caused by inflammation. Inflammation is prevalent in arthritis, including knee and joint pain. In addition, Delta-8 also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.


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