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Mar 23, 2018

Dear Jason

I would like to discuss your article.

In order to avoid pressure changes by activating a syringe by hand I invented

STEINER ET123.  YouTube . A dosing device to avoid stick slip effect and  injecting a constant volume

of 10 or 20 Mycroliter. please contact me office@ivfetflex.com

Aug 21, 2017

Congrats to this interesting paper.

Please can you describe your OPU technique.

SL or DL Needle, flushing or not flushing etc.

 My aim was to invent a technique to achieve an optimal percentage of eggs/ follicle. www.ivfetflex.com

Thin needle 19gauge for flushing. Option to flush follicles selectively.

There is no place to believe or not believe in flushing follicles, if  you use a properNeedle for flushing.

I would be happy to offer you a clinical trial with my needle or discussion via


May 08, 2017
Dear Dr. Ryan J. Heitmann Congratulation to your excellent paper and your goal to shorten learning curve in ART. The aim of my inventions was to minimise technical problems in ET Techniques and OPU Techniques as well. May I ask you to study www.ivfetflex.com Youtube: steiner, flushing, Embryo Transfer www.ivfetflex.com I would be happy if your team would perform a study with my ET Catheter and my OPU Needles. Kind regards Hans-Peter Steiner Graz, Austria

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