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Replying to Micah J Hill

Great discussion on this article at F&S Journal Club Global.  Thank you to the authors for all your work.  Any further thoughts the authors have to add to the discussion we had?

Thank you!   As regards your questions: 

Surprisingly  multinucleation presented alone did not seem to be associated with aneuploidy.  However  embryos with two or more dysmorphisms, were associated with higher rate of aneuploidy and in 66% of these embryos one of the dysmorphisms was in fact multinucleation.   This may in part explain why there  are so many reports of lower outcomes with multinucleated embryos.

Yes-we did in fact consider each embryo as an independent observation for the purposes of this study.  Your point about the possibility of higher clusters of dysmorphisms possibly being associated with specific patients  is very valid.  Re-analysis of the data to address this question is planned. We also feel it makes sense to expand the data set  to include more patients.  This will allow us to better examine the question you have posed .