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Feb 10, 2018

Thank you for raising this important issue!  As the pioneers of open-identity sperm donation, The Sperm Bank of California is always glad to see the ART community discussing these concerns.  I am writing to offer a correction to one of your citations.   The article listed in citation #5 is not from 2016.  That article and the comments about The Sperm Bank of California are actually quite outdated--the article is from 2002.  The Sperm Bank of California has not contracted any always-anonymous donors since 2014.  For the past few years all of our new donors are participating in our Identity-Release(r) Program (agreeing to release their identity to donor-conceived adults) and since 2016 we no longer offer the anonymous donor option to new families (only to parents who already have a child from an anonymous donor who wish to use the same donor for siblings).  Anyone interested in how our open-identity program is working may find more information in this article published in F&S last year: