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Jan 27, 2018

I am a molecular geneticist and am somewhat confused by your paper.  You seem to assume that PGS finds "abnormal" embryos only from the population of embryos that will not implant in any event (which would appear to make PGS completely useless).  I am unaware of any evidence supporting that assumption.  Is there any?  In fact, isn't the finding that the implantation rate of screened vs unscreened embryos is basically equal as likely to mean that PGS takes equally from both of your red and blue groups?  In addition, don't we already know that embryos with severe genetic abnormalities (e.g., trisomy 21 - Down syndrome) successfully implant and lead to full term pregnancies? And aren't those (red group embryos) precisely the kinds of embryos that PGS is intended to detect?