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Mar 12, 2018
Replying to Sherif Awadalla

Interesting article.  I think the issue with the vaginal progesterone group is that it was not given long enough and at enough dosage.  We transfer of the 6th day of progesterone and use endometrin tid.

Our live birth rates for 2014 and 2015 without the use of PGS are greater than the clinical pregnancy rates you report.

Age       LBR               N

<35         42.6%         357

35-37       37.4%        115

38-40       39.1%         46

I realize this is an interim report and maybe I did not read closely enough but I did not see data on mean age of patients or implantation.

Sherif G Awadalla, M. D.

Institute for Reproductive Health

Cincinnati, OH

Thank you very much for your comments, Dr. Awadalla.   

PGS was an exclusion for the current study, which likely accounts for some of the difference you describe between your population and ours.  

We fully acknowledge that the optimal duration of progesterone exposure (whether IM or vaginal) has not been established.  That said, in the current study, the group that received both vaginal and IM progesterone had the same duration of progesterone exposure as the group that received vaginal progesterone only. However, the group receiving vaginal and IM progesterone had a significantly higher ongoing pregnancy rate.  The only difference between the two protocols was the addition of IM progesterone once every third day.  

As for the ages of the patients they are found in Table 2 and were a mean age of 33.2-33.5y at time of vitrification.   

Please logon to discuss for the live Journal Club on Thursday evening March 15, 2018 at 7p.  


Kate Devine, MD


Washington DC

Feb 23, 2018

Thank you Dr. Hill!  We too are looking forward to discussing our findings at the live F&S journal club on March 15.  The last delivery outcome for the study should be known at the beginning of April 2018, and we plan to analyze these data straight away once the outcome data are complete.  Hopefully we will be able to report our findings at the national ASRM meeting this year.