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Jan 24, 2020

Curious about the definitive treatment being removal of ovaries?  Is the recommendation to reduce estrogen? Or are there other issues that dictate ovary removal?  We see AAGL 's recommendations on ovary preservation and we are aware of Bulun's work around endometriosis making its own estrogen.  Alarming case in any event,  thank you

Dec 06, 2017

Likewise, hormonal therapy does not treat endo, nor stop progression or recurrence of it (ACOG practice bulletins), and most patients find hormonal manipulation unacceptable but gynecology is not listening.  We know what works, excision when done with great expertise, and to question the only tools that restore quality of life is, pardon me, misogynist and subject to questioning.  Our 30,000 member patient group is still growing at the rate of 300 a week having failed all gynecology has to offer except expert surgery.  The disconnect is stunning.
Nancy Petersen RN retired

Endometriosis Patient Advocate since 1985

Dec 06, 2017

Sadly, superficial endometriosis or peritoneal endometriosis is also a source of disabling pain, which does not resolve with medical therapy, yet gets little respect.  The majority of it responds well to expert surgery, with low recurrence rates and substantial improved quality of life