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Aug 08, 2020
Replying to Andrew Lockley

The retraction of this paper is an absolute disgrace to science. We do not throw our results into the memory hole because they cause "discomfort". It is the job of science to speak the truth, regardless of who that truth causes "distress" to. It sure caused the Catholic Church a lot of distress when Galileo pointed out that the earth was not the centre of the universe, but it didn't make it any less true. If the methodology is sound - as the researchers say it is - then this paper should stay up to contribute to public knowledge. Bowing to the snowflakes and cry-bullies who demand we conceal the truth casts us back into the dark ages, where belief was rooted in superstition, not fact. We must not give up an inch to this mob. In this specific instance, the retraction has denied us crucial knowledge that may help understand not only a medical condition, but also a wider set of factors affecting human development, behaviour and evolution. We have lost something of great value. 

What a joke! Can someone explain how this is helpful to women with endometriosis? "Crucial knowledge"!? Are my breasts big enough to be considered "attractive"? Do I have too much or too little body fat to be considered "attractive"? Maybe my endometriosis is growing in the wrong place!? Maybe I can see one of those doctors and he can put the endo in the place that will make me more attractive? I guess it doesn't matter that endometriosis can result in blinding pain, it can make organs attach to each other, it can cause infertility. But all this doesn't matter. What matters is that you are "attractive" or not. The "truth" here is that once again we have science coming from places of misogyny and racism.