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Dec 21, 2019
Replying to Ben Willem J. Mol

Dear editor, dear authors,

With interest I read the article of Magdi et al. This study is labelled as a prospective cohort study in the abstract and in the full text. "This prospective cohort study was conducted at a specialized fertility and gynecology center from April 2014 to October 2016. "

In the text the authors write "A total of 171 women with RIF were randomly assigned on the day of oocyte retrieval by use of a computer-based Microsoft Excel spreadsheet into two groups: ...."

Could the authors explain what has happened here. 

Was this an RCT or not?


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Thanks Prof. Ben for your comment

It is not RCT.

Dec 21, 2019

In View of some questions about our study, we performed a re-analysis. Although the main final outcome data turned out to be robust, there was a discrepancy in the baseline data on female age and BMI in the published article and the original dataset re-analyzed by Madelon van Wely & Rik van Eekelen.






Fresh n=90

Frozen n=81

Fresh n=90

Frozen n=81








Female age

31.18 (SD 3.41)

31.47 (SD 2.55)

30.18 (SD 3.41)

31.47 (SD 2.55)

p for difference: 0.005


26.72 (SD 2.19)

27.11 (SD 2.26)

26.02 (SD 2.19)

27.11 (SD 2.26)

p for difference: 0.002

Also, there exists a difference in the number of multiple pregnancies between the paper and the data as follow:

Multiples (Sac variable?)




23 (including a quadruplet...)