Steven R. Lindheim, MD, MMM

Physician, Wright State University, Boonshoft School of Medicine
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First of all, Drs Corson, Tulandi, Donnez, Nezhat, and Gomel.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This abbreviated video manuscript is a cropped version of all the interviews from you.  The audio podcasts will be posted in January on ASRM website. From Drs Flyckt, Petrozza and Iit was an honor and we can't thank you enough for making this enjoyable and a learning experience! Dr Gomel, thank you for your inspiration in making this project become a reality and Dr Corson for being my mentor and watching a true master!  Dr Nezhat for changing the world and being a friend, Dr Tulandi for your brilliance, grace, and dignity, and Dr Donnez for your guidance from afar (the editorial board), we are so thankful you helped with this project! Dr Borteletto, Chevis, and Shai for helping push the inertia into reality by having the Podcasts posted next month on the ASRM web-site for the world to share.    Dr Borteletto, we can't wait to do the IVF Giants with you! Lastly, Dr Coyne and Chung, you have changed the world in helping keep their legacy last forever.  You did a masterful job at putting this together!!!

This is interesting work and remains to be determined if AMH has an association with other reproductive physiologic and pathophysiogic diseases-conditions.  Well done Dr Smith.

Simply by sharing ideas and communicating, opens many doors and impetus to move inertia.  Oncofertility awareness is a much needed topic in this part of the world and shedding incorrect perceptions and educating patients and providers will provide a much needed service to many patients and couples.  Well done!

A perfect storm that will eventually find smooth sailing.

Awesome contribution.  Informed consent in ART is a complex issue and one that is overlooked.  This MMP enables patients to feel comfortable in their decision making process and this tool has great potential to enhance the informed consent process.

I thank F&S the opportunity to collaborate with the pioneers in the field who have added both scientific and clinical advances in assisting many families fulfill their dreams.

I would agree whole heartedly.  We need to be mindful of the whole person and recognize it is easy to stigmatize.  Perception is reality.  Well articulated and well communicated!

I applaud the authors for their thoughtful insights into this controversial topic.  Screening oocyte donors for a Trio Panel vs ECS remains a challenge in our practice.  Full disclosure remains the easiest of algorithms, but industry standards would assist all of us.