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May 16, 2017
Dr Fanchin. really interested to read your interesting concept. I have some concerns on terms related to NATOS (natural ovarian stimulation). this concepts contains high dose GnRHant and recFSH for IVF, aiming to suppress LH level. It looks similar to natural IVF in terms of hormonal profile during COH, but may give some confusion to us in terms that so many injections was used to lower LH level. Natural-like ovarian stimulation (NaLOS), I guess, may be perferable to NATOS in order to avoid some confusion to the beginners including me. I also really want ot see what the results show
Apr 07, 2017
pleased to read your wonderful journal. But I had some question with regard to P-supplementation depending on E2 and P4 in midluteal phase. The journal told that the vaginal dosage was doubled in cases of low mid-luteal phase. but when and how did P4 supplementation change? please let me get clear image of your P4 group.