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Mar 19, 2020

Excellent Antonio . This is a good start for some considerations  . First of all, are we open a new era in Reproductive Medicine in Corona Virus Time ? Really as many scientists think we don't know a lot of things on Corona Virus but Italian Way to suspend new treatments is strictly realated to limit movements of population and so to reduce the risks of contagion and above all to reduce the requests of medical Care ( all pregnant in ART treatments can have need of care )  in Hospital during this emergency .

All factors related to effect on gametes of this infection in this moment is very hard to define but we have to consider that SARS COV 2  is a respiratory virus , 85% of infected are asyntomatic or have mild symptoms  , and above all  we have previous experience of SARS COV 1 and MERS on a small scale before in Pregnancy . 

It's prevalent now to find  the right balance between the individual claim of the patient and the limits of the law for a collective interest during spike of contagion and minimize the risk for the patient