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Sep 06, 2019

Thanks Micah. This piece was made possible because of you. In 2019 the conventional wisdom is twitter isgood for sharing science and papers, research etc becuase there are a lot of academics there. IG is great for patient engagement and education. 

I started with facebook for our practice becuse that is what I (and most people are comfortable with). I met Griffin Jones who intrdouced me to instagram in 2015, but I didn't really commit to it until 2017 when I saw what our peers were doing in that space and facebook (post 2016 election, CAmbridge analytica, etc) was becoming passe.   

IN 2017ish I saw what Lora Shahine and Natalie were doing on IG and started nurturing it on our practice side AND personal side but not until last year and really NIAW 2019 did I double our efforts. 

Twitter has always been too fast for me but I am starting to migrate back to it for the reason above. 

I am worried, though the facebook's recent push to increase ads on IG  combined with the upcoming 2020 election will make Instagram a different place. I hope not, as It remains the happiest place on the socials:)