M. Blake Evans

REI, University of Oklahoma
  • University of Oklahoma
  • United States of America
Naiyer Furkan

Endoscopic Gynaecology , Mahatma Gandhi Medical College Jaipur

Naín Santiago

Biotecnología , Universidad Francisco de Paula Santander

Nakul Patil

Pharmaceutical , Emcure Pharmaceutical

Michał Kunicki

Reproductive medicine, Invicta Private fertility center, Medical Uniersity of Warsaw,

Rahul kumar sen

Clinical Embryologist, Neelkanth fertility jaipur

Joaquin Llacer

Spanish reproductive specialist. My field is ovarian stimulation in low responders. I am particularly interested in the emotional care of the couple.

Catello Scarica

Reproductive Medicine- Embryology, European Hospital - New Fertility Group

IVF Laboratory Director at European Hospital. Co-founder of New Fertility Group. Vice-President of Italian Society of Embryology (SIERR).

Roohi Jeelani

REI, Director of Research and Education , Vios Fertility Institute