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Aug 14, 2017

Congratulations to the authors on a well-written study that evaluates disclosure to children of donor sperm conception in France over a 10-year period. While only a minority of patients (40/135, 38%) had already disclosed to their children, an additional 42 planned to do so soon. This contribution adds to the growing literature about the importance of discussing intent of disclosure at the time of consultation, as most couples had consistent attitudes before and after treatment.  Notably, in France only heterosexual couples are allowed to use donor sperm and only anonymous donation is legal, so these findings are not generalizable to single women, same-sex female couples, known sperm donation and identity-release. 

Questions for the authors: 1) In your center's experience, do any interventions or counseling methods about disclosure at the time of consultation influence a couple's choice to disclose, or do these attitudes seem 'fixed'? 2) In France is there any ongoing advocacy movement or political appeal to allow single women and lesbian couples to use donor sperm?

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