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San Calimero Dottssa Lepadatu


James Kemper

Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Monash Health

Emad Ibrahim, MD, HCLD

Andrology, University of Miami

Shannon Headley, MA, LPC, MSIV

Medical Student Research, Licensed Therapist & Medical Student

Marsha Howard

Hard time, Hard for me to get pregnant

Mohamad Hady El Moresy Zidan

ART Laboratory consultant, Ganna Fertility Hospitals

The first officially certified consultant as a clinical embryologist in the middle east with high experience, I start my work 20 years ago with a wide experience in establishing ART units in different countries according to ESHRE, ASRM guidelines and international standards, Occupational safety & healthy, and quality control requirements. That is Including planning, design, preparation & stabilization of all IVF unit departments (Clinics, laboratories, waiting area, IVF lab, operation room, recovery room...), in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and Sudan, since 2008 until now. I am a trainer, official quality auditor, regional instructor and international advisor for ART units in the Arab world, Official regional instructor of vitrification (Oocyte / Embryo / ovarian tissue) for Meddle east, and as a part of my work, I organize workshops, lectures, presentations and participation in conferences and workshops. I am planning and working to optimize ART unit clinical outcomes and improving the occupational environment and internal and total quality control- management via hands-on education in different routines steps and introduce new and advanced techniques and ways of thinking to achieve the clinic's goals
Syed Waseem Andrabi


Kathleen Miller

Embryology, IVF Florida

Frederick Miller

Clinical Embryology , IVFmd

Milthon Mestanza Sáenz

Reproductive Medicine, Centro de fertilidad Germinar

Valeria Farfalli

Human reproduction specialist , Cigor

Patricia Rodrigues

Embryologist , CEMEARE


Embryology, Embryotools SL

Dr. Wesam Hammouri

Obstetrics and Gynecology, Obstetrics and Gynecology


Epidemiology, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Gianpiero D. Palermo, MD, PhD

Director, Center for Reproductive Medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine


Biologist, Reproductive Consultant, Irifiv Center Fertility

Biography Dr. Mustafa Zakaria Reproductive Biologist Sawsan Clinic - IVF Laboratory Administrative deputy and writer for the Scientific Research Group consultant Reproductive Biology in the IVF laboratoy, fertility center IRIFIV, Casablanca, Morocco and group vice president of scientific research. Art Irifiv Scientific Research Group (AISRG). Dr . Mustafa is the Center’s Repoductive Biology He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in medical and Masters Degree in Clinical pathology & Reproductive Biology Medicine's from University AIN SHAMS College Medicine on 2015 Dr. MUSTAFA has been with The Fertility Center of IRIIVF since 2018. Biologist of Reproduction Medicine . Bachelor Degree in Medicine / Masters Degree in Clinical Pathology & Reproductive Biology American Society for Reproductive Medicine ( ASRM) European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE)
Carlos L. Valdez

Infertility, Hospital Universitario Torreon