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Androlog has moved! What do you think?

Started over 4 years ago

We started Androlog, an internet based email discussion forum for male reproductive medicine and biology, in 1994. Then, the World Wide Web was in its infancy. There were no smartphones, no social media, no high speed wireless. But the sheer force of the new availability to communicate worldwide questions and answers about andrology propelled Androlog forward, and by 2017, about 1700 members were talking to each other via email daily.

But by then the infrastructure of Androlog had aged and was getting flaky. Plus, new communications devices like smartphones and tablets were in common use, and social media had changed the way we interact on the web. It was time for a change.

Luckily we had just built out a social media platform for Fertility and Sterility, the Dialog, and here we are. We're asking our 1700 or so Androlog members to move our conversations here, and we think that it will be worth it. What do you think?


Thanks for all your leadership of Androlog and Fertility and Sterility.  I do miss Androlog and am looking forward to a new platform.  

From my perspective, one thing that made Androlog work so well was that it was very low friction for the end user.  There was no log-in, no username/password, no hyperlinks to click to engage--it was very easy to use.  I found the use of e-mail to be a strength because e-mail is already part of our everyday workflows.  Engaging with Androlog was was easy as replying to any other e-mail. 

Thanks for asking for feedback, Craig.  And thanks for getting Androlog restarted. 



Thanks, Jim! Wow, you found Androlog on the Dialog fast 😊We're betting on the concept that email has become so overwhelmed and that web interfaces have become so easy to use for this kind of interaction (e.g. StackOverflow) that it's time to make the move. I don't know what exactly the email notifications are for the Dialog: I do know that I received one for your reply! Thanks super for helping fire up Androlog again!

Thanks for keeping this going, Craig.

Appreciate your leadership.

Look forward to continuing Andrology discussions...

Thanks, Peter! And I deeply appreciate your vision in the medicine we practice and your great leadership in American Society for Reproductive Medicine.

Just figured it out and if I can do it, anyone can do it. Excited that Androlog is back.


Thanks for getting this set up.  It was/is a great resource.

Thanks, Mike! In November you'll be able to turn on and off email selectively, so if you want to have it function nearly exactly like Androlog, it can. In the meanwhile, please post your questions and comments!


I missed Androlog a lot 

Welcome back



Welcome back Marcelo! Please use the service!

OK, here goes.  Has anyone seen a Kallman's syndrome with Sertoli Only?   Unfortunately, after almost 2 years of hormonal therapy, this was the end result for one of my patients.   (Path confirmed by diagnostic Bx at time of TESE).

Hi all! back again and happy of having the network online to continue learning. Thank you Craig and good job!!!

Eric, can you press "Start a New Conversation" and repost? You're making a reply to my, "what do you think" post. I'm afraid that it will get lost here. Thanks, Humberto!

I am really happy to know that Androlog is back again! Its a very nice way to keep in touch with all that work with male infertility and also to learn with challenging issues! Thank you Dr. Craig for the leadership! All my best! 

Thanks, Daniel. Start a conversation! 😊