I am very interested in your article “a review of best practices of rapid-cooling vitrification for oocytes and embryos: a committee opinion” on Fertil Steril 2021,115:305-309. The paper showed a first delivery after human blastocyst rapid cooling by Mukaida et al. 2001 on supplement table 1. However, we already reported earlier than them.

Yoshimasa Yokota on Mar 08, 2021
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We already published the Hum Reprod 15:1802-3, 2000 and Fertil Steril 75: 1027-29, 2001. So, our publication was earlier than them. Also, Stachecki JJ referred our paper in his publication on Reprod Biomed Online 2008; 17:360-7 and another, Lucinda L, Veek referred our paper in her Atlas of Human Blastocysts book. Today we widely used for general vitrification reagent which contained ethylene glycol/DMSO for human embryos cryopreservation. The application of this freezing agents to human embryo was epoch-making. Therefore, best of our knowledge, we believe that we used the first successful delivery baby from human blastocysts using ethylene glycol/DMSO on June 23, 2000 in the world. I hope it will be added my opinion.