I enjoyed reading the article. We fail to realize that we are treating human being. Infertility is a problem of the couple & not of the man or the woman. Evaluating the woman without the involvement of the woman is bad in science, ethics & in practice. Besides, the couple particularly the woman is happy when her spouse is also examined. Do you still believe in varicocelectomy http://bit.ly/2rEZC

Pandiyan Natarajan on Oct 03, 2020
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Varicocelectomy was introduced in 1952 without a randomized clinical trial at a time when IUI or IVF/ICSI was not available. There was very little that we could do for Infertility, both in men and women. In 2020 with so many treatment options it is surprising that the practice of Varicocelectomy is still continuing. The National Institute of Clinical Excellence NICE has categorically stated that, 'DO NOT DO Varicocelectomy.' It does not improve fertility outcome. Any change in Semen picture in patients is due to natural variation and not the result of the surgery. I have done varicocelectomy in the distant past and stopped for the last 15 years. Please find a link to a Perspective article we published a few years back http://www.chcmj.ac.in/journal/pdf/vol3_no1/whither_varicocelectomy.pdf