Vasectomy and vasectomy reversal: a comprehensive approach to the evolving spectrum of care

The spectrum of male reproduction and male contraception is rapidly evolving. This collection of Views and Reviews articles provides readers with a contemporary understanding of important developments in these areas.

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VOLUME 115, ISSUE 6, P1363-1364


Robert E. Brannigan, M.D. 


Male reproduction and male contraception form an important spectrum within men’s health. In this issue’s Views and Reviews, four author groups detail important new developments in vasectomy clinical practice guidelines, emerging and investigational techniques in the fields of hormonal and nonhormonal male contraception, useful paradigms for patient care when deciding between sperm extraction with in vitro fertilization and vasectomy reversal, and finally, a state-of-the-art overview of recent developments in vasectomy reversal microsurgery. These articles will provide readers with a contemporary understanding of the rapidly evolving spectrum of male reproductive and contraceptive health care.

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