Primum non nocere: in vitro fertilization in the epicenter


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VOLUME 114, ISSUE 2, P219-220


Owen K. Davis, M.D., Zev Rosenwaks, M.D.


The world is in the throes of a pandemic on a scale unprecedented since the H1N1 flu pandemic of 1918–1919, which infected an estimated 500 million people worldwide and resulted in over 50 million deaths, approximately 675,000 of those in the United States. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness with a potentially multisystemic clinical impact caused by the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, an enveloped, single-strand RNA virus. The current pandemic, as of this writing, has infected close to 6 million individuals worldwide with over 360,000 deaths. In the United States we have thus far documented close to 1.8 million cases and suffered over 100,000 deaths due to this virus.

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