October 2021: Optimal Management of the Frozen Embryo Transfer Cycle: Insights From Recent Literature

Journal Club Global Live at ASRM 2021

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This Journal Club Global discusses three recent papers published in the Fertility and Sterility family of journals, which all explore different aspects of optimizing frozen embryo transfer cycles. Two authors from each paper serve as our expert discussants.

Dr. Kate Devine and Dr. Eric Widra discuss, “Intramuscular progesterone optimizes live birth from programmed frozen embryo transfer: a randomized clinical trial”

Dr. Valerie Baker and Dr. Jim Segars discuss, “Frozen-thawed embryo transfer: the importance of the corpus luteum in preventing obstetrical complications”

Dr. Rachel Whynott and Dr. Brad Van Voorhis discuss, “The effect of weight and body mass index on serum progesterone values and live birth rate in cryopreserved in vitro fertilization cycles”

The discussion is moderated by Dr. Pietro Bortoletto and Dr. Micah Hill.

Questions and issues to be discussed include:

  1. What is the optimal route of progesterone administration?
  2. Does the corpus luteum play a role in obstetric outcomes?
  3. Does body composition play a role in progesterone serum levels and replacement dosing?
  4. Should we measure serum progesterone levels during FET cycles?
  5. What are the next questions to study in optimizing FET cycles?

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