October 2021

Volume 116, Issue 4

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Views and Reviews

Transgender men: clinical care and implications in reproductive medicine: introduction
Dominique de Ziegler, Petra de Sutter
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 919-921

Medicolegal issues surrounding legal sex designations
Vadim M. Shteyler, Eli Y. Adashi
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 922-923

Masculinizing gender-affirming surgery for trans men and non-binary individuals: what you should know
Darshan P. Patel, Isak A. Goodwin, Omer Acar, Ervin Kocjancic, James M. Hotaling
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 924-930

The uterus in transgender men
Marie Carbonnel, Lea Karpel, Bernard Cordier, Paul Pirtea, Jean Marc Ayoubi
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 931-935

Ovarian, breast, and metabolic changes induced by androgen treatment in transgender men
Paul Pirtea, Jean Marc Ayoubi, Stephanie Desmedt, Guy T’Sjoen
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 936-942

Fertile Battle

Intramural myomas–related infertility: should the myomas be removed? Not easy to reach a consensus
Jacques Donnez
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 943-944

Intramural myomas more than 3–4 centimeters should be surgically removed before in vitro fertilization
Marie-Madeleine Dolmans, Keith Isaacson, Wenjia Zhang, Stephan Gordts, Malcolm G. Munro, Elizabeth A. Stewart, Mathilde Bourdon, Pietro Santulli, Jacques Donnez
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 945-958


Iconic brands: standing the test of time with a little rebranding
Steven R. Lindheim, Samantha M. Pfeifer, Beth W. Rackow, John Petrozza, Marjan Attaran, Andrea Zuckerman, Thomas Winter
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 959-960

Avoiding Asherman’s syndrome: refining our approach to uterine evacuation
Martin F. Freedman, William D. Schlaff
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 961-962

Original Articles


Testicular sperm extraction vs. ejaculated sperm use for nonazoospermic male factor infertility
Lauren M. Kendall Rauchfuss, Tana Kim, Jessica L. Bleess, Matthew J. Ziegelmann, Chandra C. Shenoy
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 963-970

Reflections: Should we use testicular sperm for intracytoplasmic sperm injection in all men with significant oligospermia?
Bobby B. Najari, Nannan Thirumavalavan
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 971-972

Male vitamin D status and male factor infertility
Nicole Banks, Fangbai Sun, Stephen A. Krawetz, R. Matthew Coward, Puneet Masson, James F. Smith, J.C. Trussell, Nanette Santoro, Heping Zhang, Anne Z. Steiner
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 973-979

Assisted Reproduction

Universal SARS-CoV-2 polymerase chain reaction screening and assisted reproductive technology in a coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic epicenter: screening and cycle outcomes from a New York City fertility center
Jacquelyn Shaw, Jessica Tozour, Jennifer K. Blakemore, James Grifo
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 980-987

Reflections: Providing fertility care at the epicenter of a pandemic: lessons learned from universal screening of in vitro fertilization patients
Jacqueline C. Lee, Jennifer F. Kawwass
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 988-989

Impact of preimplantation genetic testing on obstetric and neonatal outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Wenhui Hou, Gaohui Shi, Yuanlin Ma, Yongxiang Liu, Manman Lu, Xiuli Fan, Yingpu Sun
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 990-1000

Hyaluronic acid–enriched transfer medium for frozen embryo transfer: a randomized, double-blind, controlled trial
Sofie Shuk Fei Yung, Shui Fan Lai, Mei Ting Lam, Ellen Man Wa Lui, Jennifer Ka Yee Ko, Hang Wun Raymond Li, Jacki Yuk Ying Wong, Estella Yee Lan Lau, William Shu Biu Yeung, Ernest Hung Yu Ng
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1001-1009

Effect of pre-pregnancy body mass index on neonatal outcomes in women undergoing autologous frozen-thawed embryo transfer
Xiaoyan Yang, Beihong Zheng, Yun Wang
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1010-1019

Early Pregnancy

Serum calponin 2 is a novel biomarker of tubal ectopic pregnancy
Ruiqing Zhang, Shuangdi Li, Yanqiu Wang, Wen Cai, Qin Liu, Jiarong Zhang
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1020-1027

Reflections: Detecting bombers and abnormal pregnancies: a lesson from the Royal Air Force
Jonah Bardos, Micah J. Hill
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1028-1029

Ureaplasma parvum alters the immune tolerogenic state in placental tissue and could cause miscarriage
Caline Novais Teixeira Oliveira, Maria Tânia S. Oliveira, Hellen Braga Martins Oliveira, Hellen Braga Martins Oliveira, Lucas Santana Coelho Silva, Manoel Neres Santos Júnior, Carolline Florentino Almeida, Aline Teixeira Amorim, Márcio Vasconcelos Oliveira, Jorge Timenetsky, Guilherme Barreto Campos, Lucas Miranda Marques
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1030-1039

Circulating fibroblast growth factor 21 as a potential biomarker for missed abortion in humans
Yongkang Yang, Jiaming Wu, Xia Wang, Jianyu Yao, Kim Shijian Lao, Yumei Qiao, Ying Xu, Yue Hu, Yanhong Feng, Yanchao Cui, Shuai Shi, Jing Zhang, Man Liang, Yong Pan, Kang Xie, Kaixuan Yan, Qin Li, Dewei Ye, Yao Wang
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1040-1049

Vaginal ultrasound obsolete? Fibroblast growth factor 21 as a new diagnostic tool in missed abortion
Kilian Vomstein, Elisabeth Reiser, Bettina Toth
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1050-1051


Impact of ambient temperature on ovarian reserve
Audrey J. Gaskins, Lidia Mínguez-Alarcón, Trang VoPham, Jaime E. Hart, Jorge E. Chavarro, Joel Schwartz, Irene Souter, Francine Laden
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1052-1060

Smoking, alcohol and coffee consumption and pregnancy loss: a Mendelian randomization investigation
Shuai Yuan, Jin Liu, Susanna C. Larsson
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1061-1067

Fertility Preservation

Low feasibility of in vitro matured oocytes originating from cumulus complexes found during ovarian tissue preparation at the moment of gender confirmation surgery and during testosterone treatment for fertility preservation in transgender men
Sylvie Lierman, Annelies Tolpe, Ilse De Croo, Stefanie De Gheselle, Justine Defreyne, Machteld Baetens, Annelies Dheedene, Roos Colman, Björn Menten, Guy T’Sjoen, Petra De Sutter, Kelly Tilleman
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1068-1076

Frozen eggs: national autologous oocyte thaw outcomes
Jennifer F. Kawwass, Sara Crawford, Heather S. Hipp
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1077-1084

Reflections: Delayed treatment or deferred treatment: What’s intended? A commentary on national oocyte thaw outcomes data
Eric Flisser
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1085-1086

Fertility preservation in childhood and adolescent female tumor survivors
Francesca Filippi, Cristina Meazza, Edgardo Somigliana, Marta Podda, Chiara Dallagiovanna, Maura Massimino, Francesco Raspagliesi, Monica Terenziani
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1087-1095

Oocyte cryopreservation in women after childhood and adolescent cancer
Huiying Li, Wenpei Xiang, Huai L. Feng
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1096-1097

Use of cryopreserved ovarian tissue in the Danish fertility preservation cohort
Stine Gry Kristensen, Yu Wakimoto, Lotte Berdiin Colmorn, Margit Dueholm, Susanne Elisabeth Pors, Kirsten Tryde Macklon, Linn Salto Mamsen, Dmitry Nikiforov, Jesús Cadenas, Vinnie Hornshøj Greve, Anne-Mette Bay Bjørn, Mikkel Rosendahl, Anette Tønnes Pedersen, Anders Nyboe Andersen, Jens Fedder, Erik Ernst, Claus Yding Andersen
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1098-1106


Medical treatment of uterine arteriovenous malformation: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Adam Rosen, Wilson Ventura Chan, John Matelski, Chris Walsh, Ally Murji
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1107-1116

Reflections: Unconventional treatment of uterine arteriovenous malformation: the challenge of generating evidence for a rare condition
Mohamed Bedaiwy
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1117-1118


Unmet financial burden of infertility care and the impact of state insurance mandates in the United States: analysis from a popular crowdfunding platform
Jeremy D. Lai, Richard J. Fantus, Andrew J. Cohen, Vivian Wan, Matthew T. Hudnall, Minh Pham, Robert E. Brannigan, Joshua A. Halpern
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1119-1125

Reflections: Crowdfunding a baby: hashtagging to bridge the gap between insured and under/uninsured fertility care
Amalia Namath, Jennifer Hirshfeld-Cytron
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1126-1127 

Early effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on fertility preferences in the United States: an exploratory study
Christine H. Naya, Darby E. Saxbe, Genevieve F. Dunton
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1128-1138

Reproductive Endocrinology

Increased regulated on activation, normal T-cell expressed and secreted levels and cysteine–cysteine chemokine receptor 5 upregulation in omental adipose tissue and peripheral blood mononuclear cells are associated with testosterone level and insulin resistance in polycystic ovary syndrome
Chi-Chang Juan, Kuo-Hu Chen, Chien-Wei Chen, Chi-Hong Ho, Peng-Hui Wang, Harn-Shen Chen, Jiann-Loung Hwang, Yu-Hung Lin, Kok-Min Seow
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1139-1146

Reflections: Systemic chronic subclinical inflammation, adipose tissue dysfunction, and polycystic ovary syndrome: three major forces intertwined
Ricardo Azziz
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1147-1148

Antimüllerian hormone to determine polycystic ovarian morphology
Alexandra Dietz de Loos, Martin Hund, Katharina Buck, Cindy Meun, Johanna Sillman, Joop S.E. Laven
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1149-1157

Toward a universal serum antimüllerian hormone threshold as a surrogate for polycystic ovarian morphology on ultrasound: the story is not over…
Didier Dewailly
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1158-1159

Reproductive Science

Tryptophan catabolism is dysregulated in leiomyomas
Tsai-Der Chuang, Derek Quintanilla, Drake Boos, Omid Khorram
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1160-1171

Pregnancy prediction performance of an annotation-free embryo scoring system on the basis of deep learning after single vitrified-warmed blastocyst transfer: a single-center large cohort retrospective study
Satoshi Ueno, Jørgen Berntsen, Motoki Ito, Kazuo Uchiyama, Tadashi Okimura, Akiko Yabuuchi, Keiichi Kato
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1172-1180

Reproductive Surgery

Live births after Asherman syndrome treatment
Miriam M.F. Hanstede, Eva van der Meij, Sebastiaan Veersema, Mark Hans Emanuel
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1181-1187

Reflections: Pregnancy-related intrauterine adhesion treatment: new insights
Grigoris F. Grimbizis, Attilio Di Spiezio Sardo, Rudi Campo
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Page 1188


Minimally invasive surgical management of a cornual ectopic pregnancy, with and without a concurrent intrauterine pregnancy
Stephanie I. Delgado, Tamisa Koythong, Xiaoming Guan
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1189-1190

The suture fixation of levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine device using the hysteroscopic cold-knife surgery system: an original method in treatment of adenomyosis
Linling Zhu, Xinyun Yang, Benben Cao, Shanshan Tang, Jinyi Tong
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1191-1193

Reflections: Surgical innovation begins at the end of your comfort zone
Pietro Bortoletto, Phillip A. Romanski, Rony T. Elias
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Page 1194

Retro cervical tunneling to ensure correct placement for robotic-assisted transabdominal cerclage
Elena Suárez-Salvador, Maria Goya, Ursula Acosta, Mireia Vargas, Melissa Bradbury, Elena Carreras, Antonio Gil-Moreno
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1195-1196 

 “Nerve-sparing” laparoscopic treatment of parametrial ectopic pregnancy
Giovanni Di Lorenzo, Federico Romano, Giuseppe Mirenda, Francesco Cracco, Francesca Buonomo, Guglielmo Stabile, Stefano Facchin, Giuseppe Ricci
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1197-1199

A management algorithm and proposed pathogenesis for retroperitoneal ectopic pregnancies
Kathryn Coyne, Rebecca Flyckt, Joseph Findley
Vol 116 | No. 4 | October 2021 | Pages 1200-1201

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