November 2020: Does the Endometrium Play a Major Role in Endometriosis-Associated Infertility?

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This was a virtual event in the style of the "Fertile Battle" debate that took place at the 2019 SREI Fellows Symposium. The session was broadcast live to the participants of the SREI Fellows Symposium and around the world to registrants. Attendees saw and heard the interaction of the experts and asked questions. Questions were moderated by Drs. Barnhart and Hill, who relayed these questions to the experts. In-session polls were used to gauge audience opinion real-time.


Micah Hill, MD and Kurt Barnhart, MD

Faculty Discussants

Eric Widra, MD, Shady Grove Fertility
Erica Johnstone, MD, MHS, University of Utah
Gaurang Daftary, MD, Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Emily Jungheim, MD, Northwestern University
Richard J. Paulson, MD, Keck School of Medicine

Fellow Discussants

Michael Awadalla, MD, USC
Juilia Kim, MD, MPH, RMA-NJ
Anne Martini, DO, NIH
Vinita Alexander, MD, WashU Saint Louis

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