Medicolegal issues surrounding legal sex designations

The medical profession ought to evaluate the different assumptions underlying the varying medicolegal practices surrounding legal sex designations in order to determine our most appropriate role.

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VOLUME 116, ISSUE 4, P922-923


Vadim M. Shteyler, M.D., Eli Y. Adashi, M.D., M.S.


The medical profession is deeply involved in designating and amending the sex designations on legal records that themselves are not used clinically. The assumptions inherent in the current legal sex designation system and the criteria for amending such are being reexamined. The harms of the current legal sex designation system, especially for transgender people, have become increasingly recognized. Consequently, the appropriateness of the health care professional’s participation in recording legal sex designations has been called into question. Herein, we describe the medicolegal challenges surrounding legal sex designations and their potential solutions.
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