May 2020

Volume 113, Issue 5

Views and Reviews

Gestational surrogacy: medical, psychosocial, and legal considerations
Susan C. Klock, Steven R. Lindheim
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 889–891

Selecting the optimal gestational carrier: medical, reproductive, and ethical considerations
Helen H. Kim
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 892–896

Psychological assessment of gestational carrier candidates: current approaches, challenges, and future considerations
Mary P. Riddle
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 897–902

Postdelivery adjustment of gestational carriers, intended parents, and their children
Vasanti Jadva
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 903–907

Legal principles and essential surrogacy cases every practitioner should know
Susan L. Crockin, Meagan A. Edmonds, Amy Altman
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 908–915

Legal and ethical issues in cross-border gestational surrogacy
Noelia Igareda González
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 916–919


COVID-19: lessons from the Italian reproductive medical experience
Antonio La Marca, Craig Niederberger, Antonio Pellicer, Scott M. Nelson
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 920–922

Progesterone is a physiological trigger of ovulatory gonadotropins
Dmitri Dozortsev, Antonio Pellicer, Michael P. Diamond
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 923–924


Paternal health and perinatal morbidity: increasing evidence for the influence of paternity on fertility outcomes
Joshua A. Halpern, Robert E. Brannigan
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 925–926

Human papilloma virus: to what degree does this sexually transmitted infection affect male fertility?
Jaden R. Kohn, Andrew T. Gabrielson, Taylor P. Kohn
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 927–928

Microribonucleic acids in sperm and spent culture media: a new direction in predictive diagnostics or another disappointment?
Jason Franasiak
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 929–930

How important is it to know about endometriosis during pregnancy?
Errico Zupi, Gabriele Centini, Lucia Lazzeri
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Page 931

Investigating the impact of fertility treatment on child health: the struggle is real!
Edwina H. Yeung, Sonia Robinson
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 932–933

Unraveling the “double whammy” dilemma: do concomitant tubal infertility and previous ectopic pregnancy shrink the possibility of live birth?
Salvatore Giovanni Vitale, Gaetano Riemma, Antonio Cianci
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 934–935

Shifting from weight loss to well-being
Christina E. Boots, Amelia Swanson
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 936–937

Choose your partners for the next dance: implied PGRMC1 roles in membrane trafficking and mitochondrial modulation
Michael A. Cahill
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 938–941

Bone marrow in the pathophysiology of endometriosis
Hugh S. Taylor
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Page 942

Human female meiosis checkpoints: how much DNA damage is allowed?
Elpida Fragouli, Nicolas Garrido
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 943–944

Fertility and Sterility: 50 Years Ago Today

The chicken or the egg: parallel interests
Olivia Carpinello, Alan DeCherney
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 945–946


Association of preconception paternal health on perinatal outcomes: analysis of U.S. claims data
Alex M. Kasman, Chiyuan A. Zhang, Shufeng Li, David K. Stevenson, Gary M. Shaw, Michael L. Eisenberg
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 947–954

Evaluation of human papilloma virus in semen as a risk factor for low sperm quality and poor in vitro fertilization outcomes: a systematic review and meta-analysis
May Weinberg, Chen Sar-Shalom Nahshon, Ido Feferkorn, Jacob Bornstein
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 955–969.e4

MicroRNAs in combined spent culture media and sperm are associated with embryo quality and pregnancy outcome
Masood Abu-Halima, Zyiad Abu Khaizaran, Basim M. Ayesh, Ulrike Fischer, Salem Abu Khaizaran, Feras Al-Battah, Mohamad Hammadeh, Andreas Keller, Eckart Meese
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 970–980.e2

Assisted Reproduction

Trophectoderm biopsy protocols can affect clinical outcomes: time to focus on the blastocyst biopsy technique
Patrizia Rubino, Lucia Tapia, Rafael Ruiz de Assin Alonso, Kohar Mazmanian, Lisa Guan, Lindsay Dearden, Alleson Thiel, Caroline Moon, Bradford Kolb, John M. Norian, Jeffrey Nelson, John Wilcox, Tih Tan
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 981–989

Endometrial compaction before frozen euploid embryo transfer improves ongoing pregnancy rates
Eran Zilberberg, Ramsey Smith, Dan Nayot, Jigal Haas, James Meriano, Eran Barzilay, Robert F. Casper
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 990–995


Pregnancy outcomes in women with history of surgery for endometriosis
Marilena Farella, Isabella Chanavaz-Lacheray, Eric Verspick, Benjamin Merlot, Clemence Klapczynski, Clotilde Hennetier, Jean-Jacques Tuech, Horace Roman
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 996–1004


Pregnancy registry: three-year follow-up of children conceived from letrozole, clomiphene, or gonadotropins
Richard S. Legro, Michael P. Diamond, Christos Coutifaris, William D. Schlaff, Ruben Alvero, Peter Casson, Gregory M. Christman, R. Mitchell Rosen, Marcelle I. Cedars, Karl R. Hansen, Randal Robinson, Valerie Baker, Rebecca Usadi, William C. Dodson, Stephanie J. Estes, Allen Kunselman, Christina Stetter, Kurt T. Barnhart, R. Matthew Coward, J.C. Trussell, Stephen A. Krawetz, Nanette Santoro, Hao Huang, Heping Zhang, Esther Eisenberg for the Reproductive Medicine Network
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 1005–1013

Ninth-grade school achievement in Danish children conceived following fertility treatment: a population-based cohort study
Lisa S. Wienecke, Susanne K. Kjær, Kirsten Frederiksen, Marie Hargreave, Susanne O. Dalton, Allan Jensen
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 1014–1023


Sexual function and quality of life after the creation of a neovagina in women with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome: comparison of vaginal dilation and surgical procedures
Jia Kang, Na Chen, Shuang Song, Ye Zhang, Congcong Ma, Yidi Ma, Lan Zhu
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 1024–1031


Tubal factor infertility with prior ectopic pregnancy: a double whammy? A retrospective cohort study of 2,892 women
He Cai, Ben W. Mol, Ping Li, Xitong Liu, Antoine Watrelot, Juanzi Shi
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 1032–1038

Mental Health

Obesity and depression are risk factors for future eating disorder-related attitudes and behaviors in women with polycystic ovary syndrome
Eleni A. Greenwood, Lauri A. Pasch, Marcelle I. Cedars, Heather G. Huddleston
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 1039–1049

Reproductive Science

Novel nonclassic progesterone receptor PGRMC1 pulldown-precipitated proteins reveal a key role during human decidualization
Stefania Salsano, Roberto González-Martín, Alicia Quiñonero, Soraya López-Martín, Ana Pilar Gómez-Escribano, Silvia Pérez-Debén, Maria Yañez-Mo, Francisco Domínguez
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 1050–1066.e7

Protein kinase CK2 participates in estrogen-mediated endothelial progenitor cell homing to endometriotic lesions through stromal cells in a stromal cell–derived factor-1– CXCR4-dependent manner
Rong Zhao, Dilu Feng, Guobin Zhuang, Yan Liu, Shuqi Chi, Jun Zhang, Xing Zhou, Wei Zhang, Hongbo Wang
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 1067–1079.e5

Human oocytes harboring damaged DNA can complete meiosis I
Gaudeline Rémillard-Labrosse, Nicola L. Dean, Adélaïde Allais, Aleksandar I. Mihajlović, Shao Guang Jin, Weon-Young Son, Jin-Tae Chung, Melissa Pansera, Sara Henderson, Alina Mahfoudh, Naama Steiner, Kristy Agapitou, Petros Marangos, William Buckett, Jacob Ligeti-Ruiter, Greg FitzHarris
Vol 113 | No. 5 | May 2020 | Pages 1080–1089.e2

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