Maximizing Video Quality for Fertility and Sterility Submissions

Maximizing Video Quality for Fertility and Sterility Submissions


To discuss core components of high-quality videos that engage the Fertility and Sterility viewership.


Descriptive review of opportunities for better videography, audio recording, content and flow that can enhance video quality.


Not applicable.


Prior to recording this dialog, the authors discussed patterns for strengths and weaknesses in video submissions to Fertility and Sterility.

Main Outcome Measure(s):

Videography, audio recording, content, and flow.


For videography, video resolution, brightness correction, and labeling can meaningfully enhance video clarity. With audio, a professional (non-laptop) microphone with recording in a single setting facilitates avoiding audio level fluctuations and background noise that make videos difficult to hear. For content, a clinical vignette model that emphasizes video over slides helps when communicating procedural aspects that would less readily translate to a written submission. Finally, for flow, the emphasis should be on maximizing value through simultaneous video and audio. This flow should emphasize the unfamiliar over the routine and minimize audio pauses, since the narrative is critical to informing and engaging the viewer.


Fertility and Sterility receives numerous high quality video submissions to educate clinicians worldwide. The described principles and opportunities in this video help authors improve engagement for their video submissions by both viewers and reviewers.

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