March 2022

Volume 117, Issue 3

Views and Reviews 

Whither cryopreservation? The landscape gets colder
Nanette Santoro
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 467-468

The ART of cryopreservation and its changing landscape
Kimball O. Pomeroy, Pierre Comizzoli, John S. Rushing, Ivy L. Lersten, Liesl Nel-Themaat
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 469-476

In re: the disposition of frozen embryos: 2022
Gerard Letterie
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 477-480

Counseling, risks, and ethical considerations of planned oocyte cryopreservation
Jenna A. Reich, Arthur Caplan, Gwendolyn P. Quinn, Jennifer K. Blakemore
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 481-484


My body, whose choice?
Melissa N. Montoya, Eve C. Feinberg
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 485-486


The fertile window: what donating my embryos taught me about being a fertility doctor
Paula Amato
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 487-488

Seminal Contribution

Reproductive urologic consultation in subfertile men: predictors of establishing care and patient perceptions after abnormal semen testing
Minh N. Pham, Siddhant S. Ambulkar, Richard J. Fantus, Tejas Joshi, Matthew T. Hudnall, Jeremy D. Lai, James M. Wren, Nelson E. Bennett, Emily S. Jungheim, Robert E. Brannigan, Joshua A. Halpern
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 489-496

Reflections: The reproductive urologic evaluation: How can we do better?
Akanksha Mehta
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Page 497

ASRM Pages

Multiple gestation associated with infertility therapy: a committee opinion
Practice Committee of the Society for Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Quality Assurance Committee of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, and the Practice Committee of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 498-511

Original Articles


Circulatory exosomal tRF-Glu-CTC-005 and tRF-Gly-GCC-002 serve as predictive factors of successful microdissection testicular sperm extraction in patients with nonobstructive azoospermia
Qiang Zhang, Zhao Liu, Xiaoxiao Han, Ying Li, Tian Xia, Yao Zhu, Zhenbei Li, Liang Wang, Lin Hao, Fangfang Hu, Yijuan Cao, Conghui Han, Zuobin Zhu
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 512-521

Testicular sperm characteristics in men with nonobstructive azoospermia and their impact on intracytoplasmic sperm injection outcome
Ahmad Aboukhshaba, Nahid Punjani, Sofia Doukakis, Nikica Zaninovic, Gianpiero Palermo, Peter N. Schlegel
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 522-527

Artificial Intelligence

Characterization of an artificial intelligence model for ranking static images of blastocyst stage embryos
Kevin Loewke, Justina Hyunjii Cho, Camelia D. Brumar, Paxton Maeder-York, Oleksii Barash, Jonas E. Malmsten, Nikica Zaninovic, Denny Sakkas, Kathleen A. Miller, Michael Levy, Matthew David VerMilyea
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 528-535

Reflections: For whom the artificial intelligence bell tolls: preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy, does it toll for thee?
Carol Lynn Curchoe
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 536-538

Assisted Reproduction

The association between season, day length, and temperature on clinical outcomes after cryopreserved embryo transfer
Katharine F.B. Correia, Leslie V. Farland, Stacey A. Missmer, Catherine Racowsky
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 539-547

Adherence to embryo transfer guidelines in favorable-prognosis patients aged less than 35 years using autologous oocytes and in recipients using donor oocytes: a Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology Clinic Outcome Reporting System study
Julian A. Gingold, Melissa Fazzari, Rachel Gerber, Michelle Kappy, Michelle Goodman, Harry Lieman, Staci Pollack, Manvinder Singh, Sangita Jindal
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 548-559

Reflections: Multiple live birth rate more than 60% after assisted reproductive technology treatment in patients with favorable prognosis: opportunity to address a reproductive public health and economic burden by improved adherence to guidelines combined with increased patient access to assisted reproductive technology care
Thomas D’Hooghe
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 560-561

Perinatal outcomes of singleton live births after preimplantation genetic testing during single frozen-thawed blastocyst transfer cycles: a propensity score-matched study
Wei Zheng, Shu Heng Yang, Chen Yang, Bing Nan Ren, Si Min Sun, Yan Li Liu, Ru Jing Yang, Hua Lou, Lin Lin Zhang, Yi Chun Guan
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 562-570

Reflections: Preimplantation genetic testing and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: Is the risk real?
Bronwyn S. Bedrick, Mindy S. Christianson
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 571-572

The impact of different cycle regimens on birthweight of singletons in frozen-thawed embryo transfer cycles of ovulatory women
Ruiqiong Zhou, Xiqian Zhang, Li Huang, Songlu Wang, Li Li, Mei Dong, Xiulan Zhu, Fenghua Liu
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 573-582


Relugolix, an oral gonadotropin-releasing hormone receptor antagonist, reduces endometriosis-associated pain compared with leuprorelin in Japanese women: a phase 3, randomized, double-blind, noninferiority study
Tasuku Harada, Yutaka Osuga, Yusuke Suzuki, Masaki Fujisawa, Motoko Fukui, Jo Kitawaki
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 583-592


Hospitalizations up to 8 years following delivery in assisted reproductive technology-treated and subfertile women
Leslie V. Farland, Chia-ling Liu, Hafsatou Diop, Howard J. Cabral, Stacey A. Missmer, Charles C. Coddington, Sunah S. Hwang, Judy E. Stern
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 593-602


Cultivable vaginal Lactobacillus is not associated with fecundability in Kenyan women attempting to conceive
Erica M. Lokken, Clayton Jisuvei, James P. Hughes, Kishor Mandaliya, Lisa E. Manhart, Khamis Mwinyikai, Charles H. Muller, Walter Jaoko, John Kinuthia, R. Scott McClelland
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 603-611


Effect of endometrial scratching on unassisted conception for unexplained infertility: a randomized controlled trial
Tze Yoong Wong, Sarah Lensen, Jack Wilkinson, Elizabeth Joan Glanville, Santanu Acharya, Fiona Clarke, Sangeeta Das, Jeanette Dawson, Bev Hammond, Kanna Jayaprakasan, Nichola Kearsley, Matthew Milner, Nethra Shankaralingaiah, Simon Wood, Lynn Sadler, Cynthia Farquhar
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 612-619

Reflections: Endometrial scratch to improve outcomes of expectant management in patients with unexplained infertility?
Pardis Hosseinzadeh, Karl R. Hansen
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 620-621

Racial and ethnic disparities among donor oocyte banks in the United States
Shelun Tsai, Esther H. Chung, Tracy Truong, Amanda S. Farrell, Jenny Wu, Onyinye Ohamadike, Jennifer L. Eaton
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 622-628

Endometrial cytokines in patients with and without endometriosis evaluated for infertility
Hilde Jørgensen, Peter Fedorcsak, Keith Isaacson, Erin Tevonian, Amy Xiao, Michael Beste, Erik Qvigstad, Douglas Lauffenburger, Linda Griffith
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 629-640

Reflections: Endometrial cytokines, endometriosis and infertility: a deeper dive into the endometrial immune microenvironment
Mohamed A. Bedaiwy
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 641-642


Hysteroscopic removal, with or without laparoscopic assistance, of first-trimester cesarean scar pregnancy
Ho-Yen Chueh, Angel Hsin-Yu Pai, Yu-Ying Su, Chin-Chieh Hsu, Fang-Yu Chang, Chih-Feng Yen
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 643-645

A rare case of the new entity of müllerian anomalies mimicking the noncommunicating rudimentary cavity with hemi-uterus: accessory cavitated uterine mass
Vehbi Yavuz Tokgoz, Ahmet Basar Tekin
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 646-648

Reflections: Accessory cavitated uterine mass: a new müllerian anomaly?
Beth W. Rackow
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 649-650 

Donor robotic-assisted laparoscopy for uterus transplantation
Berta Díaz-Feijoo, Mariona Rius, Meritxell Gracia, Mireia Musquera, Marta Magaldi, Luis Peri, Antonio Alcaraz, Francisco Carmona
Vol 117 | No. 3 | March 2022 | Pages 651-652

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