July 2020

Volume 114, Issue 1

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Views and Reviews

Introduction: Key performance indicators in assisted reproductive technologies
Richard T. Scott Jr., Dominique de Ziegler
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 4–5

Three simple metrics to define in vitro fertilization success rates
Catha Fischer, Richard T. Scott Jr.
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 6–8

Which key performance indicators are most effective in evaluating and managing an in vitro fertilization laboratory?
Gemma Fabozzi, Danilo Cimadomo, Roberta Maggiulli, Alberto Vaiarelli, Filippo Maria Ubaldi, Laura Rienzi
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 9–15

Key metrics and processes for validating embryo diagnostics
Chaim Jalas, Emre Seli, Richard T. Scott Jr.
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 16–23

Which key performance indicators are optimal to assess clinical management of assisted reproduction cycles?
Paul Pirtea, Dominique de Ziegler, Marine Poulain, Jean Marc Ayoubi
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 24–30


Emergence of three-dimensional video microsurgery for male infertility
Joshua A. Halpern, Robert E. Brannigan
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 31–32

Seminal Contributions

Coronavirus disease-19 and fertility: viral host entry protein expression in male and female reproductive tissues
Kate E. Stanley, Elizabeth Thomas, Megan Leaver, Dagan Wells
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 33–43

Treatment of endometriosis-associated pain with linzagolix, an oral gonadotropin-releasing hormone–antagonist: a randomized clinical trial
Jacques Donnez, Hugh S. Taylor, Robert N. Taylor, Mark D. Akin, Tatyana F. Tatarchuk, Krzysztof Wilk, Jean-Pierre Gotteland, Veronique Lecomte, Elke Bestel
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 44–55


Possible impact of COVID-19 on fertility and assisted reproductive technologies
Zeev Blumenfeld
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 56–57

Medical management of symptomatic endometriosis: a new weapon in the arsenal?
Eric S. Surrey
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 58–59

Highlighting disparities in access to care for infertile men: a call to action
Matthew Coward
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Page 60

Protein supplements for physical enhancement and male reproductive health: Are there potential reasons for concern in an uncontrolled, unregulated, and widespread abuse scenario?
Jorge Hallak
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 61–62

Growth hormone: in search of the Holy Grail for poor responders (or a felony)
Pietro Bortoletto, Steven Spandorfer
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 63–64

Preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy: the conundrum with aneuploid embryo transfers
Elpida Fragouli, Georgina Cutts, Dhruti Babariya
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 65–66

Diminished ovarian reserve and poor response to stimulation are not reliable markers for oocyte quality in young patients
Paul Pirtea, Jean Marc Ayoubi
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 67–68 

It’s all about timing: Is the window of implantation different for day 5 and 6 blastocysts?
Helen H. Kim, Karine Matevossian
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 69–70

New findings in disorders of sex development: role of DMRT3 and OAS3
Adriana Rojas, María Carolina Manotas
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 71–72

Fertility in patients with Turner syndrome
Ronit Abir, Galia Oron, Yoel Shufaro
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 73–74

Oil or water-based contrast for hysterosalpingography?
Heather R. Burks, Karl R. Hansen
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 75–76

Phospholipase C zeta and oocyte activation defects: moving toward the objective identification of patients eligible for artificial oocyte activation
Rita Cássia S. Figueira, Sandro C. Esteves
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 77–78

Quantifying the risk of blood transfusion with myomectomy
Joseph Findley, Rebecca Flyckt
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 79–80

Removal of Essure: TMTOWTDI
Bala Bhagavath, Steven Lindheim
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Page 81

Out of this world: fertility investigations and the space program
Martin Kathrins
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Page 82


Access to infertility services: characterizing potentially infertile men in the United States with the use of the National Survey for Family Growth
Jesse Persily, Sabrina Stair, Bobby B. Najari
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 83–88 

Semen quality among young healthy men taking protein supplements
Sandra Søgaard Tøttenborg, Clara Helene Glazer, Katia Keglberg Hærvig, Birgit Bjerre Høyer, Gunnar Toft, Karin Sørig Hougaard, Esben Meulengracht Flachs, Laura Deen, Jens Peter Ellekilde Bonde, Cecilia Høst Ramlau-Hansen
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 89–96

Assisted Reproduction

Growth hormone cotreatment for poor responders undergoing in vitro fertilization cycles: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Mauro Cozzolino, Gustavo N. Cecchino, Gianmarco Troiano, Chiara Romanelli
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 97–109

Aneuploid embryo transfer: clinical policies and provider opinions at United States fertility clinics
Rebecca McGowan, Valentina Pilipenko, Teresa A. Smolarek, Elizabeth West, Leandra K. Tolusso
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 110–117

Perinatal outcome in young patients with diminished ovarian reserve undergoing assisted reproductive technology
Shiqiao Hu, Bei Xu, Lei Jin
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 118–124.e1

Frozen-warmed blastocyst transfer after 6 or 7 days of progesterone administration: impact on live birth rate in hormone replacement therapy cycles
Caroline Roelens, Samuel Santos-Ribeiro, Lauren Becu, Shari Mackens, Lisbet Van Landuyt, Annalisa Racca, Michel De Vos, Arne van de Vijver, Herman Tournaye, Christophe Blockeel
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 125–132


Genetic analysis of a Taiwanese family identifies a DMRT3-OAS3 interaction that is involved in human sexual differentiation through the regulation of ESR1 expression
Chia-Lung Tsai, Chi-Neu Tsai, Yun-Shien Lee, Hsin-Shih Wang, Li-Yu Lee, Chiao-Yun Lin, Shu Yuan Yang, Angel Chao
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 133–143


Fertility issues and pregnancy outcomes in Turner syndrome
Matilde Calanchini, Christina Y.L. Aye, Elizabeth Orchard, Kathy Baker, Tim Child, Andrea Fabbri, Lucy Mackillop, Helen E. Turner
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 144–154


Tubal flushing with oil-based or water-based contrast at hysterosalpingography for infertility: long-term reproductive outcomes of a randomized trial
Joukje van Rijswijk, Nienke van Welie, Kim Dreyer, Clarabelle T. Pham, Harold R. Verhoeve, Annemieke Hoek, Jan Peter de Bruin, Annemiek W. Nap, Machiel H.A. van Hooff, Mariëtte Goddijn, Angelo B. Hooker, Petra Bourdrez, Angelique J.C.M. van Dongen, Ilse A.J. van Rooij, Henrike G.M. van Rijnsaardt-Lukassen, Ron J.T. van Golde, Cathelijne F. van Heteren, Marie J. Pelinck, Annette E.J. Duijn, Mesrure Kaplan, Cornelis B. Lambalk, Velja Mijatovic, Ben W.J. Mol
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 155–162

Reproductive Science

Use of phospholipase C zeta analysis to identify candidates for artificial oocyte activation: a case series of clinical pregnancies and a proposed algorithm for patient management
Xin Meng, Pedro Melo, Celine Jones, Caroline Ross, Ginny Mounce, Karen Turner, Tim Child, Kevin Coward
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 163–174

Reproductive Surgery

Myomectomy associated blood transfusion risk and morbidity after surgery
Tana Kim, Mackenzie P. Purdy, Lauren Kendall-Rauchfuss, Elizabeth B. Habermann, Katherine A. Bews, Amy E. Glasgow, Zaraq Khan
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 175–184


An effective method using laparoscopy in treatment of upper vaginal leiomyoma
Ning-Ning Zhang, Da Li, Si-Lei Chen, Na Zuo, Tian-Shui Sun, Qing Yang
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 185–186

Essure removal: comparison of two minimally invasive approaches
Myriam Gracia, Aranzazu Herráez, Pluvio Coronado
Vol 114 | No. 1 | July 2020 | Pages 187–188

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