Intravaginal culture using INVOCELL: Is it a viable treatment option for infertility?


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VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1, P7-8, MARCH 01, 2021


Elnur Babayev, M.D., M.Sc., Tarun Jain, M.D.


Reflections on "Real world experience with intravaginal culture using INVOCELL: an alternative model for infertility treatment" by Jellerette-Nolan et al.

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5 months ago

Dear Author for the review, what i understand that INVOCell technology is misunderstood by just aiming cost reduction or cost comparison. The major issue around the globe is of huge undeserved infertile population. You stated in your review comments that live birth rates were similar in case of INVOCell, which makes this technology highly relevant, justified and promising for over 95% undeserved infertile population in majority of the countries around the world, which can now be served with relatively low cost set up and resources.