From the Forum to the Dialog

More information about our evolving communications platforms.
From the Forum to the Dialog

What happened to the original user comments from the Fertility and Sterility Forum?

In 2016, Fertility & Sterility switched its online platform,, to our new platform,  The Dialog only contains comments for all articles from 2016 – present. Comments posted prior to 2016 are still archived on our previous platform, but new comments should be posted on the Dialog. 

How do I participate in discussions on the Dialog?

Anyone can read posts and comments on the Dialog. However, like most online communities, in order to participate in these discussions, the Dialog requires users to register with a username and password. Upon registration, you will be able to comment on all articles from 2016 – present. Registration is free and open to the public.

What about Letters to the Editor?

Fertility and Sterility has phased out “Letters to the Editor” in favor of the real-time, interactive Fertility and Sterility Dialog. To learn more, please read this article by our Video and New Media Editor, Dr. Kurt Barnhart.

Where can I go for more information about the content on the Dialog?

To learn more about Fertility & Sterility, its sister journals, or our editorial review process, please visit or contact