Follicle-stimulating hormone receptor autoantibody associated primary ovarian insufficiency successfully treated with corticosteroids: a case report

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VOLUME 1, ISSUE 3, P206-208, DECEMBER 01, 2020


Carrie Riestenberg, M.D., Susan Ahern, D.O., Mousa Shamonki, M.D.



To report a case of successful controlled ovarian stimulation (COH) for oocyte cryopreservation in a patient with autoimmune primary ovarian insufficiency (POI) and polyglandular autoimmune syndrome (PGAS) type 2.


Case report.


Private in vitro fertilization clinic.


25-Year-old woman, G0, with autoimmune POI and PGAS type 2.


Diagnosis of autoimmune interference with FSH signaling, with subsequent high-dose corticosteroid immune suppression and successful oocyte cryopreservation.

Main Outcomes Measure(s)

Successful stimulation with exogenous gonadotropins, oocyte retrieval, and cryopreservation.


Retrieval and cryopreservation of 36 metaphase-II (MII) oocytes.


Scrutiny of POI cases will facilitate identification of a subset of patients in whom immune suppression with short-term, high-dose corticosteroids may enable successful COH.

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