Fertility in patients with Turner syndrome


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Volume 114, Issue 1, Pages 73–74


Ronit Abir, Ph.D., Galia Oron, M.D., Yoel Shufaro, M.D., Ph.D.


Reflections on "Fertility issues and pregnancy outcomes in Turner syndrome" by Calanchini et al. 

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5 months ago

Fertility preservation in Turner's syndrome patients.

All Turner's syndrome patients are not infertile. Some Turner mosaic may be fertile; others may have irregular cycles and premature ovarian insufficiency.

If Fertility preservation is considered Ovarian stimulation and oocyte collection and storage would be a better option even in young patients with Turner's syndrome as against ovarian tissue preservation and auto transfer or in vitro maturation.  Pre pubertal ovary is also responsible for Ovarian stimulation as is demonstrated in cases of True Precocious puberty.

Professor Dr Pandiyan Natarajan,

Professor and Head of the Department of Andrology and Reproductive Medicine,

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