Fertility and Sterility On Air - Unplugged: September 2022

Fertility & Sterility Unplugged
Fertility and Sterility On Air - Unplugged: September 2022

In this month's Fertility & Sterility: Unplugged, we take a look at articles from each of F&S's sister journals! Topics this month include: the association of obesity with upregulation of inflammatory cytokines in follicular fluid with guest author Samantha Schon (1:05), examining the nongenetic risk factors contributing to racial disparities in the prevalence of uterine fibroids (8:19), and using SART data to examine pregnancy outcomes after embryo transfer (16:00).

Listen now: https://fertilityandsterilityonair.libsyn.com/fertility-and-sterility-on-air-unplugged-september-2022 

F&S Science: https://www.fertstertscience.org/article/S2666-335X(22)00060-X/pdf

F&S Reviews: https://www.fertstertreviews.org/article/S2666-5719(22)00013-5/pdf

F&S Reports: https://www.fertstertreports.org/article/S2666-3341(22)00015-0/fulltext

View the sister journals at:

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