Fertility and Sterility On Air: October 2022

F&S On Air
 Fertility and Sterility On Air: October 2022

Take a sneak peak at this month's Fertility & Sterility! Topics this month include the natural history of fibroids in pregnancy (1:54), semen quality in sons of subfertile couples (09:33), oocyte maturity ratio and live birth rate (18:41), pregnancy outcomes after frozen transfer using Letrozole (22:28), endometrial receptivity assay after failed transfer attempt (36:08), colorectal cancer risk after use of fertility drugs (45:08), and cesarean-section scar defects and abnormal uterine bleeding (56:13).

Listen now: https://fertilityandsterilityonair.libsyn.com/fertility-and-sterility-on-air-toc-october-2022 

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