Fertility and Sterility On Air: August 2022

F&S On Air
Fertility and Sterility On Air: August 2022

Take a sneak peak at this month's Fertility & Sterility! Topics this month include a Fertile Battle on optimal endometrial lining in ART (2:00), an RCT using FSH with a trigger (8:40), the relationship between paternal factors and embryonic aneuploidy of paternal origin (20:00), an RCT looking at live birth using the endometrial receptivity analysis (27:35), risk of miscarriage after treatment for chronic endometritis and IVF/ICSI (41:25), Cardiometabolic risks in middle childhood (47:00) and evaluating the efficacy of different treatments for c-section scar ectopics (51:40).

Listen now: https://fertilityandsterilityonair.libsyn.com/fertility-and-sterility-on-air-toc-august-2022 

View the August 2022 issue of Fertility and Sterility, Volume 118, No. 2 at https://www.fertstert.org/issue/S0015-0282(21)X0022-2

View Fertility and Sterility at https://www.fertstert.org/

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