F&S Science: November 2021

Volume 2, Issue 4

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From the Editor-in-Chief

From the Editor-in-Chief
William H. Catherino
Vol 2 | No. 4 | November 2021 | Page 315

Embryo Biology

An investigation of the effects of laser-assisted zona pellucida drilling on the preimplantation mouse embryo and the competency of embryo implantation
Yaqiong Liu, Celine Jones, Kevin Coward
Vol 2 | No. 4 | November 2021 | Pages 316-329

Gamete Biology

Assessing the use of tumor-specific DARPin-toxin fusion proteins for ex vivo purging of cancer metastases from human ovarian cortex before autotransplantation
Lotte Eijkenboom, Valentina Palacio-Castañeda, Freek Groenman, Didi Braat, Catharina Beerendonk, Roland Brock, Wouter Verdurmen, Ronald Peek
Vol 2 | No. 4 | November 2021 | Pages 330-344

Morphokinetic parameter comparison between embryos from couples with high or low sperm DNA fragmentation index
Amanda Souza Setti, Daniela Paes de Almeida Ferreira Braga, Patricia Guilherme, Rodrigo Provenza, Assumpto Iaconelli Jr., Edson Borges Jr.
Vol 2 | No. 4 | November 2021 | Pages 345-354

COVID-19–associated inhibition of energy accumulation pathways in human semen samples
Leila Adamyan, Vladimir Elagin, Valeriy Vechorko, Assia Stepanian, Anton Dashko, Dmitriy Doroshenko, Yana Aznaurova, Maxim Sorokin, Maria Suntsova, Alexei Drobyshev, Andrew Garazha, Anton Buzdin
Vol 2 | No. 4 | November 2021 | Pages 355-364

Blastocyst development after fertilization with in vitro spermatids derived from nonhuman primate embryonic stem cells
Sujittra Khampang, In Ki Cho, Kanchana Punyawai, Brittany Gill, Jacqueline N. Langmo, Shivangi Nath, Katherine W. Greeson, Krista M. Symosko, Kristen L. Fowler, Siran Tian, John P. Statz, Alyse N. Steves, Rangsun Parnpai, Michael A. White, Jon D. Hennebold, Kyle E. Orwig, Calvin R. Simerly, Gerald Schatten, Charles A. Easley IV
Vol 2 | No. 4 | November 2021 | Pages 365-375

Rheotaxis-based microfluidic device for selecting sperm from samples infected with a virus
Afrouz Ataei, Md Alamgir Kabir, Andy W.C. Lau, Waseem Asghar
Vol 2 | No. 4 | November 2021 | Pages 376-382

Uterine Biology

Identification and characterization of the mediator kinase-dependent myometrial stem cell phosphoproteome
Lindsey Barron, Subash Khadka, Robert Schenken, Long He, John Blenis, Julian Blagg, Shin-Fu Chen, Kuang-Lei Tsai, Thomas G. Boyer
Vol 2 | No. 4 | November 2021 | Pages 383-395

Reproductive Diseases

Carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 1: a key regulatory protein involved in leiomyoma growth
Anthony M. DeAngelis, Minnie Malik, Joy Britten, Paul Driggers, William H. Catherino
Vol 2 | No. 4 | November 2021 | Pages 396-406

Hop and artichoke extracts inhibit expression of extracellular matrix components in uterine leiomyoma cells
Md Soriful Islam, Stefania Greco, Giovanni Delli Carpini, Stefano Raffaele Giannubilo, James Segars, Andrea Ciavattini, Pasquapina Ciarmela
Vol 2 | No. 4 | November 2021 | Pages 407-418

Implications of dysregulated endogenous cannabinoid family members in the pathophysiology of endometriosis
Harshavardhan Lingegowda, Jessica E. Miller, Alison McCallion, Timothy Childs, Bruce A. Lessey, Madhuri Koti, Chandrakant Tayade
Vol 2 | No. 4 | November 2021 | Pages 419-430

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