F&S Science: November 2020

Volume 1, Issue 2

From the Editor-in-Chief

From the Editor-in-Chief
William H. Catherino
Vol 1 | No. 2 | November 2020 | Page 105


The development of human gonadotropins and their use in infertility: a personalized history
Robert W. Rebar
Vol 1 | No. 2 | November 2020 | Pages 106-112 

Looking into the Crystal Ball

A sweet and steady future---long-term storage of gametes and gonadal tissues in trehalose glass at room temperature
Pierre Comizzoli
Vol 1 | No. 2 | November 2020 | Pages 113-114

Gamete Biology

TSPYL1 regulates steroidogenic gene expression and male factor fertility in mice
Lei Peng, Eva Hin Wa Leung, Joan So, Priscilla Hoi Shan Mak, Cheuk-Lun Lee, Huiqi Tan, Kai-Fai Lee, Siu Yuen Chan
Vol 1 | No. 2 | November 2020 | Pages 115-123

Kinetics of meiotic maturation in oocytes from unstimulated ovaries and duration of pronucleus presence and preimplantation development
Hiromitsu Shirasawa, Yukiyo Kumazawa, Kazumasa Takahashi, Mayumi Goto, Wataru Sato, Natsuki Ono, Kazue Togashi, Kenichi Makino, Masato Waga, Naoki Sato, Yukihiro Terada
Vol 1 | No. 2 | November 2020 | Pages 124-131

Effect of culture conditions and method of conception on mouse live birth rate
Zhuoni Xiao, Annemarie Donjacour, Royce Harner, Rhodel Simbulan, Chia-Ning Kao, Elena Ruggeri, Xiaowei Liu, Emin Maltepe, Paolo Rinaudo
Vol 1 | No. 2 | November 2020 | Pages 132-141 

Association of the serum metabolomic profile by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy with sperm parameters: a cross-sectional study of 325 men
Karema Al Rashid, Amy Taylor, Mary Ann Lumsden, Neil Goulding, Deborah A. Lawlor, Scott M. Nelson
Vol 1 | No. 2 | November 2020 | Pages 142-160

Stage-dependent actions of antimüllerian hormone in regulating granulosa cell proliferation and follicular function in the primate ovary
Fuhua Xu, Maralee S. Lawson, Shawn P. Campbell, Olena Y. Tkachenko, Byung S. Park, Cecily V. Bishop, Jing Xu
Vol 1 | No. 2 | November 2020 | Pages 161-171 

Uterine Biology

Mild hyperandrogenemia in presence/absence of a high-fat, Western-style diet alters secretory phase endometrial transcriptome in nonhuman primates
Cecily V. Bishop, Fangzhou Luo, Lina Gao, Suzanne S. Fei, Ov D. Slayden
Vol 1 | No. 2 | November 2020 | Pages 172-182

Aberrant expression of oxytocin receptor in endometrium and decidua in women who have experienced recurrent implantation failure
Chang Liu, Yuehan Li, Linshuang Li, Shike Shui, Le Yang, Cong Sui, Hanwang Zhang
Vol 1 | No. 2 | November 2020 | Pages 183-187

Reproductive Diseases

CD44 variant 6 is involved in the attachment and invasion of endometrial cells to peritoneum
Jennifer F. Knudtson, Jessica E. McLaughlin, Mubeen Sultana, Marlen Tellez Santos, M.A. Sureshkumar, Rajeshwar R. Tekmal, Robert S. Schenken
Vol 1 | No. 2 | November 2020 | Pages 188-194

Establishment and characterization of cell lines from human endometrial epithelial and mesenchymal cells from patients with endometriosis
Ayako Muraoka, Satoko Osuka, Tohru Kiyono, Miho Suzuki, Akira Yokoi, Tomohiko Murase, Kimihiro Nishino, Kaoru Niimi, Tomoko Nakamura, Maki Goto, Hiroaki Kajiyama, Yutaka Kondo, Fumitaka Kikkawa
Vol 1 | No. 2 | November 2020 | Pages 195-205

Cross-talk between Janus kinase-signal transducer and activator of transcription pathway and transforming growth factor beta pathways and increased collagen1A1 production in uterine leiomyoma cells
Minnie Malik, Joy Britten, Anthony DeAngelis, William H. Catherino
Vol 1 | No. 2 | November 2020 | Pages 206-220