F&S Science: February 2021

Volume 2, Issue 1

From the Editor-in-Chief

From the Editor-in-Chief
William H. Catherino
Vol 2 | No. 1 | February 2021 | Page 1


How polycystic ovary syndrome came into its own
Ricardo Azziz
Vol 2 | No. 1 | February 2021 | Page 2-10 

Looking into the Crystal Ball

Preimplantation embryo: the first physical exam
Paolo Rinaudo
Vol 2 | No. 1 | February 2021 | Page 11-12

Original Articles

Gamete Biology

Ability of Ureaplasma parvum to invade mouse sperm, fertilize eggs through infected sperm, and impair mouse sperm function and embryo development
Kazutoshi Ito, Kazuki Akai, Fumiko Nishiumi, Heng Ning Wu, Teru Kurata, Akira Onodera, Yuichi Kawai, Yuichi Kawai, Shinichiro Kajiyama, Itaru Yanagihara
Vol 2 | No. 1 | February 2021 | Page 13-23

Human umbilical cord perivascular cells prevent chemotherapeutic drug-induced male infertility in a mouse model
Jordana Mashiach, Khaled Zohni, Lianet Lopez, Melissa Filice, Meredith Garcia, Brandon Wyse, Karen Glass, Michal Dviri, Shira Baram, Andrée Gauthier-Fisher, Clifford L. Librach
Vol 2 | No. 1 | February 2021 | Page 24-32

Human eggs, zygotes, and embryos express the receptor angiotensin 1-converting enzyme 2 and transmembrane serine protease 2 protein necessary for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 infection
Sandeep K. Rajput, Deirdre M. Logsdon, Becca Kile, Heidi J. Engelhorn, Ben Goheen, Shaihla Khan, Jason Swain, Sue McCormick, William B. Schoolcraft, Ye Yuan, Rebecca L. Krisher
Vol 2 | No. 1 | February 2021 | Page 33-42

Embryo Biology

Evaluation of the impact of laser-assisted hatching techniques on the hatching process of mouse blastocysts using time-lapse microscopy
Maria García-Jiménez, Klaus Rink, Enric Mestres, Ivette Vanrell, Gloria Calderón, Nuno Costa-Borges
Vol 2 | No. 1 | February 2021 | Page 43-49

Fatty acids present in commercial albumin preparations differentially affect development of murine embryos before and during implantation
Deirdre M. Logsdon, Alison F. Ermisch, Jason R. Herrick, John Becker, Linxing Yao, Corey Broeckling, William B. Schoolcraft, Rebecca L. Krisher
Vol 2 | No. 1 | February 2021 | Page 50-58

Uterine Biology

The selective progesterone receptor modulator, telapristone acetate, is a mixed antagonist/agonist in the human and mouse endometrium and inhibits pregnancy in mice
Beth McAvey, Satu Kuokkanen, Liyin Zhu, Jeffrey W. Pollard
Vol 2 | No. 1 | February 2021 | Page 59-70

Association of vaginal bacterial communities and reproductive outcomes with prophylactic antibiotic exposure in a subfertile population undergoing in vitro fertilization: a prospective exploratory study
Ashley M. Eskew, Molly J. Stout, Bronwyn S. Bedrick, Joan K. Riley, Brandi N. Herter, Haley Gula, Emily S. Jungheim, Kristine M. Wylie
Vol 2 | No. 1 | February 2021 | Page 71-79

Presence of endometrial nucleolar channel systems at the time of frozen embryo transfer in hormone replacement cycles with successful implantation
Rachel S. Gerber, Erkan Buyuk, Gregory Zapantis, Harry Lieman, U. Thomas Meier
Vol 2 | No. 1 | February 2021 | Page 80-87

Reproductive Diseases 

Summary of the proceedings of the Basic Science of Uterine Fibroids meeting: new developments (February 28, 2020)
Phyllis C. Leppert, Ayman Al-Hendy, Donna D. Baird, Serdar Bulun, William Catherino, Darlene Dixon, Merrick Ducharme, Quaker E. Harmon, Friederike L. Jayes, Emmanuel Paul, Aymara Mas Perucho, James Segars, Carlos Simón, Elizabeth A. Stewart, Jose Teixeira, Andrea Tinelli, Daniel Tschumperlin, Ami R. Zota
Vol 2 | No. 1 | February 2021 | Page 88-100

Hyperandrogenemia alters mitochondrial structure and function in the oocytes of obese mouse with polycystic ovary syndrome
Neil R. Chappell, Beth Zhou, Pardis Hosseinzadeh, Amy Schutt, William E. Gibbons, Chellakkan S. Blesson
Vol 2 | No. 1 | February 2021 | Page 101-112