F&S Reports: March 2022

Volume 3, Issue 1


MitoScore, MitoGrade, or MitoSure: what does embryonic mitochondrial deoxyribonucleic acid quantification actually measure and is it useful?
Richard J. Paulson
Vol 3 | No. 1 | March 2022 | Pages 1-2

Special Contribution

Potential pitfalls of reproductive direct-to-consumer testing
Frank Z. Stanczyk, Rachel S. Mandelbaum, Rogerio A. Lobo
Vol 3 | No. 1 | March 2022 | Pages 3-7


Birthweight after assisted reproductive technology: clinical decision-making and patient counseling
Heather R. Burks
Vol 3 | No. 1 | March 2022 | Pages 8-9

Another option for cycle programming: follicular start estradiol in oocyte donation cycles
Molly M. Quinn
Vol 3 | No. 1 | March 2022 | Page 10

A simplistic approach to fibroids is outdated
Michelle Volovsky, James Segars
Vol 3 | No. 1 | March 2022 | Pages 11-12

Original Articles 

Featured Articles

Impact of mode of conception on early pregnancy human chorionic gonadotropin rise and birth weight
Hayley Richardson, Charikleia Kalliora, Monica Mainigi, Christos Coutifaris, Mary D. Sammel, Suneeta Senapati
Vol 3 | No. 1 | March 2022 | Pages 13-19

Follicular phase cycle programming using estradiol in oocyte donors–a convenient and effective approach
Manish Banker, Parul Arora, Jwal Banker, Reena Gupta, Sandeep Shah
Vol 3 | No. 1 | March 2022 | Pages 20-25

How a woman’s myomectomy saved her father’s life: evidence of fumarate hydratase–deficient uterine leiomyoma and early detection of germline variants in fumarate hydratase
Greysha Rivera-Cruz, Baris Boyraz, John C. Petrozza
Vol 3 | No. 1 | March 2022 | Pages 26-31

Assisted Reproduction

Positive effects of thyroid replacement therapy on assisted reproductive technology outcomes in women with subclinical hypothyroidism with positive thyroid peroxidase autoantibodies
Himanshu Arora, Ineabelle Collazo, Katherine L. Palmerola, Madhumita Parmar, Manish Narasimman, Nicholas Hendon, Juergen Eisermann, Maria Bustillo
Vol 3 | No. 1 | March 2022 | Pages 32-38


Preconception hemoglobin A1c concentration in healthy women is not associated with fecundability or pregnancy loss
Jessica R. Zolton, Lindsey A. Sjaarda, Sunni L. Mumford, Tiffany L. Holland, Keewan Kim, Kerry S. Flannagan, Samrawit F. Yisahak, Stefanie N. Hinkle, Matthew T. Connell, Mark V. White, Neil J. Perkins, Robert M. Silver, Micah J. Hill, Alan H. DeCherney, Enrique F. Schisterman
Vol 3 | No. 1 | March 2022 | Pages 39-46

Fertility Preservation

Establishment of a controlled slow freezing-based approach for experimental clinical cryopreservation of human prepubertal testicular tissues
Doron Kabiri, Myriam Safrai, Michal Gropp, Guy Hidas, Talya Mordechai-Daniel, Karen Meir, Ariel Revel, Tal Imbar, Benjamin Reubinoff
Vol 3 | No. 1 | March 2022 | Pages 47-56


High-sensitivity C-reactive protein levels and pregnancy outcomes in women with unexplained infertility after ovarian stimulation with intrauterine insemination in a multicenter trial
Sarah Z. Gavrizi, Sushila Arya, Jennifer D. Peck, Jennifer F. Knudtson, Michael P. Diamond, Robert A. Wild, Karl R. Hansen for the NICHD Reproductive Medicine Network
Vol 3 | No. 1 | March 2022 | Pages 57-62

High-sensitivity C-reactive protein is not independently associated with self-reported infertility in National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 2015–2018 data
Rasha A. Al-Lami, Shaden A. Taha, Randa J. Jalloul, Hugh S. Taylor
Vol 3 | No. 1 | March 2022 | Pages 63-70

Mental Health

The psychological impact of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic on women who become pregnant after receiving treatment for infertility: a longitudinal study
Alice D. Domar, Jaimin S. Shah, Annika Gompers, Alison J. Meyers, Darya R. Khodakhah, Michele R. Hacker, Alan S. Penzias, Denny Sakkas, Thomas L. Toth, Denis A. Vaughan
Vol 3 | No. 1 | March 2022 | Pages 71-78

Case Report

An extremely rare case of pituitary functioning gonadotroph microadenoma accompanied by ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in a woman of reproductive age
Osamu Wada-Hiraike, Shozo Yamada, Yutaka Osuga
Vol 3 | No. 1 | March 2022 | Pages 79-83

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