F&S Reports: December 2020

Volume 1, Issue 3


Fertility awareness 2020
Richard J. Paulson
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Page 163


Isn’t it time to stop calling preimplantation embryos “mosaic”?
Richard J. Paulson, Nathan R. Treff
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 164-165


From sex-ed to fertility-ed: a more holistic approach to reproductive education
Briana Rudick
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 166-167 

Explaining the unexplained: new genetic mutations in unexplained premature ovarian insufficiency
Anna K. Knight
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 168-169

Novel letrozole dosing: is a single dose of letrozole equivalent to traditional 5-day dosing?
Caitlin E. Martin
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Page 170

Would combined glucocorticoid and gonadotropin therapy improve pregnancy rates in women with primary ovarian insufficiency?
Lawrence C. Layman
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 171-172 

Finding of parental consanguinity in men with infertility facilitates the discovery of specific genetic causes for nonobstructive azoospermia
Raul I. Clavijo
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Page 173

Uterine rupture following laparoscopic excision of deeply invasive rectovaginal endometriosis: Is it the song or the singer?
Ceana Nezhat, Nisha Lakhi
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 174-175

So near yet so far away
John Aitken
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Page 176

Featured Articles

Knowledge gaps in the understanding of fertility among non-medical graduate students
Lia A. Bernardi, Marissa Luck, Moira A. Kyweluk, Eve C. Feinberg
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 177-185

Employee benefit or occupational hazard? How employer coverage of egg freezing impacts reproductive decisions of graduate students
Eden R. Cardozo, Jenna M. Turocy, Kaitlyn E. James, Marlene P. Freeman, Thomas L. Toth
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 186-192

Novel inactivating follicle-stimulating hormone receptor mutations in a patient with premature ovarian insufficiency identified by next-generation sequencing gene panel analysis
Asma Sassi, Julie Désir, Véronique Janssens, Martina Marangoni, Dorien Daneels, Alexander Gheldof, Maryse Bonduelle, Sonia Van Dooren, Sabine Costagliola, Anne Delbaere
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 193-201 

Pregnancy rates from intrauterine insemination are equivalent following 1- versus 5-day letrozole administration for ovulation induction: a retrospective study
Kaitlin McGrail, Susan Conway, John Storment, Sarah Buzhardt, Neil Chappell
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 202-205

Follicle-stimulating hormone receptor autoantibody associated primary ovarian insufficiency successfully treated with corticosteroids: a case report
Carrie Riestenberg, Susan Ahern, Mousa Shamonki
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 206-208

Clinical impact of parental consanguineous marriage in idiopathic nonobstructive azoospermia
Oktay Özman, Mustafa Emre Bakırcıoğlu
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 209-212

Resection of deep-infiltrating endometriosis could be a risk factor for uterine rupture: a case series with review of the literature
Hanane Ziadeh, Pierre Panel, Arnaud Letohic, Michel Canis, Sarah Amari, Tristan Gauthier, Julien Niro
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 213-218

Effect of vitamin E administered to men in infertile couples on sperm and assisted reproduction outcomes: a double-blind randomized study
Roberto Matorras, Jairo Pérez-Sanz, Beatriz Corcóstegui, Irantzu Pérez-Ruiz, Iker Malaina, Sara Quevedo, Fermín Aspichueta, Lorena Crisol, Lorea Martinez-Indart, Begoña Prieto, Antonia Expósito
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 219-226


Online access to male factor infertility care: the challenge of finding a specialist
Arighno Das, Anne Darves-Bornoz, Tejas Joshi, Mary Kate Keeter, James M. Wren, Nelson E. Bennett, Robert E. Brannigan, Joshua A. Halpern
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 227-232

Sperm DNA fragmentation index and high DNA stainability do not influence pregnancy success after intracytoplasmic sperm injection
Ruben Blachman-Braun, Jordan C. Best, Victor Sandoval, Soum D. Lokeshwar, Premal Patel, Taylor Kohn, Michael Jacobs, Ranjith Ramasamy
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 233-238 

Assisted Reproduction

Outcomes in, and characteristics of, patients who undergo intrauterine insemination immediately after failed oocyte retrieval
Pietro Bortoletto, Stephanie F. Willson, Phillip A. Romanski, Owen K. Davis, Zev Rosenwaks
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 239-242

Time to blastulation is superior to individual components of embryo grading for live-birth prediction
Sarah M. Moustafa, Emma M. Rosen, Caitlin Boylan, Jennifer E. Mersereau
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 243-248

In vitro fertilization outcomes after preimplantation genetic testing for chromosomal structural rearrangements comparing fluorescence in-situ hybridization, microarray comparative genomic hybridization, and next-generation sequencing
Chantal B. Bartels, Reeva Makhijani, Prachi Godiwala, Alison Bartolucci, John C. Nulsen, Daniel R. Grow, Lawrence Engmann, Claudio A. Benadiva
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 249-256

Economic evaluation of highly purified human menotropin or recombinant follicle-stimulating hormone for controlled ovarian stimulation in high-responder patients: analysis of the Menopur in Gonadotropin-releasing Hormone Antagonist Single Embryo Transfer–High Responder (MEGASET-HR) trial
Jared C. Robins, Andrew F. Khair, Eric A. Widra, Michael M. Alper, Winnie W. Nelson, Pharm.D., M.S., M.B.A., Eric D. Foster, Ph.D., Anshul Sinha, B.Tech, Masakazu Ando, Patrick W. Heiser, Gaurang S. Daftary
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 257-263

Transfers of lower quality embryos based on morphological appearance result in appreciable live birth rates: a Canadian center’s experience
Ingrid Lai, Michael Neal, Nicole Gervais, Shilpa Amin, Evan Taerk, Mehrnoosh Faghih
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 264-269

Impact of class III obesity on outcomes and complications of transvaginal ultrasound-guided oocyte pickup
Tina Liang, Kelsey Ruetz, Olga Haakman, Angelos Vilos, George Vilos, Basim Abu-Rafea
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 270-276

Comparison of aneuploidy rates between conventional in vitro fertilization and intracytoplasmic sperm injection in in vitro fertilization–intracytoplasmic sperm injection split insemination cycles
Jie Deng, Olutunmike Kuyoro, Qianying Zhao, Barry Behr, Ruth B. Lathi
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 277-281

Cross-sectional analysis of online patient reviews of infertility care providers
Ricci Allen, Shruti Agarwal, Mark P. Trolice
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 282-286

Fertility Preservation 

Fertility preservation before hematopoetic stem cell transplantation: a case series of women with GATA binding protein 2 deficiency, dedicator of cytokinesis 8 deficiency, and sickle cell disease
Alexandra Aserlind, Anne Martini, Jiawen Dong, Jessica Zolton, Olivia Carpinello, Alan DeCherney
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 287-293


Beyond the “Jewish panel”: the importance of offering expanded carrier screening to the Ashkenazi Jewish population
Shelley Dolitsky, Anjali Mitra, Shama Khan, Elena Ashkinadze, Mark V. Sauer
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 294-298

Reproductive Endocrinology

Elevated activity levels of activating autoantibodies to the GnRH receptor in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome
Elizabeth A. Weedin, Heather R. Burks, Xichun Yu, Hong Liang Li, Christopher E. Aston, David C. Kem, LaTasha B. Craig
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 299-304

Comparison of metabolic syndrome elements in White and Asian women with polycystic ovary syndrome: results of a regional, American cross-sectional study
Nikhita Chahal, Molly Quinn, Eleni A. Jaswa, Chia-Ning Kao, Marcelle I. Cedars, Heather G. Huddleston
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 305-313

Reproductive Surgery

Massive cotyledenoid leiomyoma treated with uterine-conserving surgery
William H. Parker, Roderick Turner, Stanford Schwimer, Lee Foshag
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 314-316

Case Report

Acute anejaculation, hypogonadism, and fertility preservation in the setting of neurosarcoidosis: case report and literature review
Benjamin Yu, Anne L. Darves-Bornoz, Robert E. Brannigan, Joshua A. Halpern
Vol 1 | No. 3 | December 2020 | Pages 317-325