Book Review: A Cub Come True: An IVF Story

Book Review
Book Review: A Cub Come True: An IVF Story

BOOK REVIEW: A Cub Come True: An IVF Story, by Pietro Bortoletto and Eduardo Hariton

Reviewed by: Micah J Hill, D.O.
Fertility and Sterility Media Editor

I received a surprise gift in the mail.  A book titled “A Cub Come True: An IVF Story," along with a personal note from Dr. Pietro Bortoletto and Dr. Eduardo Hariton.  It is a delightful children’s story about infertility and IVF, set in a local city zoo near you.

The book opens with the elephants having a baby shower and all the zoo animals have come.  The panda couple brings a gift for the elephants, but they are sad “because they want to start a family [and] the months keep passing by”.  We meet a friendly penguin who notices their grief and the knowledgeable Dr. Feathers who assists.  We walk through a simply told fertility journey and an ending you will just have to read yourself.

The writing is in children’s prose and the story touching.  The artwork is by Hameo, a talented book artist who brings the story to vivid life.  There are even academic “Easter Eggs” on one page, which caused this nerdy adult reader to smile.

I asked the authors why they would take the time to write a book while they were busy in fellowship training.  They told me "We wrote this children's book to help explain to our daughters what it is we do, and to help patients who went through fertility treatments introduce their children to their journey."

This is a well-crafted story to introduce young children to the concepts of infertility and IVF.  The writing and ART are top quality.  It is a wonderful children’s book for fertility providers, patients, and maybe even to stash in the waiting room for a quick, happy read. 


*book available at in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Mandarin (coming soon)