Comprehensive preimplantation genetic screening and sperm deoxyribonucleic acid fragmentation from three males carrying balanced chromosome rearrangements

Comprehensive preimplantation genetic screening and sperm DNA fragmentation analysis may play a role in predicting reproductive outcomes in IVF cycles for males carrying balanced chromosome reorganizations.


Laia Ramos, Ph.D., Gemma Daina, Ph.D., Javier Del Rey, Ph.D., Jordi Ribas-Maynou, Ph.D., Alba Fernández-Encinas, M.Sc., Olga Martinez-Passarell, Ph.D., Montserrat Boada, Ph.D., Jordi Benet, Ph.D., Joaquima Navarro, Ph.D.

Volume 104, Issue 3, Pages 681-687



To assess whether preimplantation genetic screening can successfully identify cytogenetically normal embryos in couples carrying balanced chromosome rearrangements in addition to increased sperm DNA fragmentation.


Comprehensive preimplantation genetic screening was performed on three couples carrying chromosome rearrangements. Sperm DNA fragmentation was assessed for each patient.


Academic center.


One couple with the male partner carrying a chromosome 2 pericentric inversion and two couples with the male partners carrying a Robertsonian translocation (13:14 and 14:21, respectively).


A single blastomere from each of the 18 cleavage-stage embryos obtained was analysed by metaphase comparative genomic hybridization. Single- and double-strand sperm DNA fragmentation was determined by the alkaline and neutral Comet assays.

Main Outcome Measure(s):

Single- and double-strand sperm DNA fragmentation values and incidence of chromosome imbalances in the blastomeres were analyzed.


The obtained values of single-strand sperm DNA fragmentation were between 47% and 59%, and the double-strand sperm DNA fragmentation values were between 43% and 54%. No euploid embryos were observed in the couple showing the highest single-strand sperm DNA fragmentation. However, euploid embryos were observed in the other two couples: embryo transfer was performed, and pregnancy was achieved by the couple showing the lowest sperm DNA fragmentation values.


Preimplantation genetic screening enables the detection of euploid embryos in couples affected by balanced chromosome rearrangements and increased sperm DNA fragmentation. Even though sperm DNA fragmentation may potentially have clinical consequences on fertility, comprehensive preimplantation genetic screening allows for the identification and transfer of euploid embryos.

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