Role of the mental health professional in education and support of the medical staff

Reproductive counselors could broaden care to a more collaborative approach involving education, training, and support to fertility clinic staff to help reduce staff stress, prevent burnout, and improve patient care.


Elizabeth Grill, Psy.D.

Volume 104, Issue 2, Pages 271-276


This review argues that mental health professionals are underutilized in the reproductive health care system. Counselors in the field of reproductive medicine could broaden their care from a strictly one-on-one patient care perspective to a more integrated and collaborative approach that also involves education, training, and support of the fertility clinic staff. The literature has shed light on reasons for patient discontinuation, but little is known about staff burnout in reproductive health care, and even less has been done to address work-related stress, job dissatisfaction, and poor emotional and physical health among fertility clinic staff. Specific educational strategies and training techniques are addressed to help reduce staff stress, prevent burnout, and improve overall patient care.

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