Altered uterine contractility in women with chronic endometritis

Women with chronic endometritis show altered uterine motility in both the periovulatory and midluteal phases.


Vincenzo Pinto, M.D., Maria Matteo, M.D., Raffaele Tinelli, M.D., Paola C. Mitola, M.D., Dominique De Ziegler, M.D., Ettore Cicinelli, M.D.

Volume 103, Issue 4, Pages 1049-1052



To evaluate the alterations in endometrial waves (EW) originating from the contraction of the subendometrial myometrial layer in the periovulatory and midluteal phases in women diagnosed with chronic endometritis (CE).


Case-control study.


University hospital.


Forty-five women referred for hysteroscopy and diagnosed with CE.


Three-minute recording of transvaginal ultrasound scanning on sagittal uterine plane at periovulatory (cycle days 11–14) and midluteal phase (cycle days 19–22).

Main Outcome Measure(s):

Direction and frequency of EW measured by transvaginal ultrasound scan.


The direction and frequency of EW were analyzed offline as accelerated (four to eight times normal speed) image sequences using video editing software, and the results were compared with 45 cycling women without CE. The EW pattern was significantly different when comparing the women with CE and controls at both the periovulatory and midluteal phases. During the periovulatory phase, we observed retrograde contractions in 26.7% versus 88%, anterograde in 24% versus 0, opposing in 22.7% versus 12%, not propagated in 13.3% versus 0, and absent in 13.3% versus 0, respectively, in the CE cases versus the control group. During the midluteal phase, we observed not propagated (41.3% vs. 61.3%), opposing (24% vs. 25.4%), absent (16.1% vs. 13.3%), anterograde (13.3% vs. 0), and retrograde (5.3% vs. 0), respectively, in the CE cases versus the control group.


Women with CE show altered EW patterns in both the periovulatory and midluteal phases. Altered uterine contractility may aid in explaining the symptoms related to CE such as pain, abnormal uterine bleeding, infertility, and possibly endometriosis.

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