Laparoscopic and transanal excision of large lower and mid rectal deep endometriotic nodules: the Rouen technique

The technique of transanal disc excision using the Contour® Transtar™ stapler is applied in deep endometriotic nodules of the lower and mid rectum, thus specifically avoiding low colorectal resections.

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Horace Roman, M.D., Ph.D., Jean-Jacques Tuech, M.D., Ph.D.



To report an original technique of combined laparoscopic and transanal disc excision of lower and mid rectal deep endometriotic nodules.


Video article introducing a new surgical technique.


Rouen University Hospital.


A 30 year-old nullipara with symptomatic deep endometriosis –large nodules involving the vagina and the lower rectum over 30mm.


An original technique of combined laparoscopic and transanal approaches, including deep rectal shaving using PlasmaJet®, followed by transanal full thickness disc excision of the shaved area using the Contour® Transtar™ stapler.

Main Outcome Measures:

The procedure is based on specific properties of PlasmaJet® (the lack of lateral thermal spread making the dissection on contact of rectal wall safe, the precise ablative property allowing for in situ ablation of rectal endometriosis implants) and those of the Contour® Transtar™stapler originally developed to perform stapled transanal rectal resection of the internal rectal prolapse or rectocele). The steps of the Rouen technique and the role of two devices are emphasized. Surgical technique reports in anonymous patients are exempted from ethical approval by the IRB. The patient gave consent to use the video in the article.


The patient’s functional outcome was uneventful, except for transitory incomplete bladder voiding. Since June 2009, we have successfully employed this technique in 15 patients with low rectal nodules, with only favourable digestive functional outcomes.


Our technique is suitable for large nodules involving the lower and mid rectum and avoids low colorectal resection, thus increasing the chance of favorable functional digestive outcomes.

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