On label and off label drug use in reproductive medicine

Off-label drug use is common for treatment of reproductive disorders. Clinician awareness of US Food and Drug Administration indications for drug use is essential to proper communication with patients regarding the risk-benefit ratios of treatments.


Richard Legro, M.D

Volume 103, Issue 3, Pages 581-582


This Views and Reviews article examines FDA-approved uses of prescription drugs, as well as common off-label uses of drugs for several disorders that are frequently seen in reproductive medicine. Off-label drug use is ubiquitous in reproductive medicine, a fact that may be related to the disincentives to formally study these drugs in a potentially vulnerable population (i.e., pregnant women). It behooves clinicians to discuss with patients the risk-benefit ratio of treatment, and whether a treatment is FDA-approved for that condition. Researchers, seeking better data on effects of these drugs, may find fodder for future clinical studies in these articles.

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