Introduction: Choosing the main outcome of an infertility trial is harder than you think

This Views and Reviews explores the many outcomes of clinical trials in infertility that are of interest to clinicians, patients, and public health. It advocates for better tracking of outcomes.


Richard Legro, M.D., Xiaoke Wu, M.D.

Volume 101, Issue 5, Pages 1201–1202


Clinical trials in infertility choose from a variety of outcomes including change in some surrogate marker of gamete quality to healthy live birth. Incomplete reporting of outcomes makes it difficult to compare studies and to determine the clinical impact of infertility treatments. In this Views and Reviews, we explore the merits of collecting various outcomes of interest in infertility trials from the vantage point of infertility specialists, an obstetrician, and a pediatrician. These articles support more complete reporting of maternal, paternal, fetal, and infant outcomes from infertility trials to improve patient care and ultimately public health.

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