Uterus transplantation from a deceased donor

We have demonstrated uterus retrieval, perfusion, and transplantation technique from a deceased donor in a 3D animation model.

Original Video Article


Omer Ozkan, M.D., Munire Erman Akar, M.D., Okan Erdogan, M.D., Ozlenen Ozkan, M.D., Necmiye Hadimioglu, M.D.Akdeniz University Hospital, Antalya, Turkey



To demonstrate the technique for uterus retrieval and transplantation from a multiorgan donor.


Video presentation of our case report. The video uses animation to demonstrate the technique. Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval was obtained.


University hospital.


A 21-year-old woman with complete müllerian agenesis.


Uterus allotransplantation has been performed from a deceased donor.

Main Outcome Measures:

Acquirement of cyclic menstrual function.


This video demonstrates the technique for uterus retrieval, perfusion, and transplantation. The recipient patient has been monitored regularly for vascular flow, immunosuppression, and infection control since the operation.


Uterus transplantation requires extensive evaluation of the recipient and donor by an experienced multidisciplinary transplantation team both pre- and postoperatively. It has major risks related to surgery, immunosuppression, and pregnancy. Uterus transplantation might be considered promising only after the birth of a near-term healthy baby.


We are grateful to art director Umut Berk Fen for technical assistance in 3D modeling animation and to creative director Tulin Candemir for editing.

None of the authors have conflict of interest.


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Read the full text at: http://www.fertstert.org/article/S0015-0282(13)00741-3/fulltext

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