Hyperprolactinemia changes the sulfated glycosaminoglycan amount on the murine uterus during the estrous cycle

Metoclopramide-induced hyperprolactinemia changed the amounts of murine uterine chondroitin, dermatan, and heparan sulfate during the estrous cycle.


Regina Célia Teixeira Gomes, Ph.D., Gabriela Carolina C. Cristofani Maioral, M.Sc., Carina Verna, Ph.D., Marisa T. Patriarca, M.D., Ph.D., Helena B. Nader, Ph.D., Ricardo S. Simões, M.D., Edmund C. Baracat, M.D., Ph.D., José M. Soares Júnior, M.D., Ph.D.

Volume 100, Issue 5, Pages 1419-1427.e1, November 2013



To evaluate the effects of hyperprolactinemia on the sulfated glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) of the murine uterus.


Experimental research.


University biochemistry laboratory.


Eighty female mice were divided into two groups of 40 animals each and treated with 0.2 mL of saline solution (controls, Ctr) and 200 μg of metoclopramide (experimental, HPrl). Treatments lasted for 50 consecutive days. The animals were divided into four subgroups of 10 animals each per treatment (Ctr and HPrl) and sacrificed according to the phase of the estrous cycle. The uterine horns were removed for biochemical analyses, and blood samples were collected for hormone measurements.


Induced hyperprolactinemia.

Main Outcome Measure(s):

To quantify the sulfated GAGs, and PRL and sex steroid levels.


The endometrium during the estrus phase was significantly thicker in the HPrl animals than in the Ctr mice. The levels of chondroitin and dermatan sulfate were significantly increased in the HPrl group than in the Ctr group during all phases except metestrus. The amounts of heparan sulfate were lower during estrus and diestrus and higher in the metestrus phase in HPrl than in Ctr animals. Serum PRL levels were increased whereas the levels of E2 and P were decreased in all phases in the HPrl group than in the Ctr group.


The hyperprolactinemia changed the amounts of uterine sulfated GAGs. Our data suggest that these changes may not be correlated with ovarian steroid levels.

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